ILPS Indonesia joins Day of Action vs US aggression on Iran

The presence of the imperialist of the United States and its allies continues to bring many problems to the people. As happened in the Middle East where the war of aggression and armed conflict continues. The United States under Donald Trump continues to issue provocative policies and bring misery to the people.

As experienced by the people in the republic of Iran who continue to suffer losses due to US policy. For years, the US government has carried lies and taken various actions that brought the people of Iran and the Middle East into conflict, division and brutal war. The people of Iran are made miserable and suffer from various sanctions impost by the US and its allies. We are forced to continue to believe that countries like Iran are a den of terrorist who will destroy the world. Yet we all know, how the destruction and misery caused by the US is much more terrorizing our humanity. We all know, it is US policy that gives birth of terrorism, and US imperialism is the world’s number one terrorist.

At present the provocation against the republic of Iran has the potential to bring conflict that is increasingly widespread and massive. War can happen and drag various countries in the Middle East even wider to world war. The people must be brought to the reality, namely against all policies of US imperialism and its allies, including fighting to drive the US and its allies out of interference with Iran and out of the Middle East. So that the Iranian people have their sovereignty to be free and free from the intervention of the imperialist country and oppressive domestic government.

ILPS Indonesia in solidarity with the people of Iran vs US military intervention

Likewise with the people of Indonesia, US imperialist domination through the large comprador bourgeoisie and big landlords must be resisted. This dominant is evident from the Jokowi’s administration policy, opening up investment and debt taps more broadly, facilitating them with the latest legislation such as Omnibus Law, on the other hand suppressing people’s democratic freedom, revoking various people’s social services.

ILPS Indonesia invites all of the people in Indonesia to support the fight against imperialism, including war and various forms of provocation in the interest of US domination and hegemony in the Middle East and various other part of the world. These campaign and action are coordinated globally.

According to the situation above, ILPS Indonesia demands:

1.The United States and its allies out of the Iran and the Middle East!
2.Stops all form of the US provocation against various countries in the world.
3.Support all the struggles of the people across the globe against US imperialism and puppet government that oppress and exploit the people.
4.Demand the Jokowi’s administration stop all treacherous cooperation with the United States and its allies who have been proven to sacrifice and caused misery to the people.

No war on Iran!
Down with the US imperialism!
US out of the Middle East!
Longlive people’s struggle!
Longlive international solidarity!

ILPS Chapter Indonesia
Rudi HB. Daman

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