Solidarity greetings to Cuba’s anti-imperialist conference

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle, and its representatives who are attending the Cuban Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Conference for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism, extends warm wishes and solidarity to Cuba and the Cuban people.

We are delighted to be with you as you take the initiative to step up the fight against Imperialism, Neoliberalism and for Democracy, and yet again demonstrate that Cuba is a meeting place for all those who defend peace, solidarity amongst peoples, justice and democracy based on the true power of the progressive masses.

You can depend on our over 370 member organizations in 45 countries and territories on all continents to be by Cuba’s side at all times.

The ILPS, in conjunction with you, the Cuban people and your supporters from across the globe, wish this important anti-imperialist conference every possible success because it is only the defeat of imperialism that can usher in a new world to end the acute crisis of capitalism and the enormous suffering it is imposing on the world.

We agree wholeheartedly that the counter-revolutionary offensive of US Imperialism must be fought with all our strength and we must unite with all the struggling peoples of the world to achieve that goal.

Long live the mighty Cuban people and their determined drive to keep building socialism !
Long live international solidarity !
Every success to your anti-imperialist solidarity conference fir democracy and against neoliberalism !

Len Cooper, Chairperson of ILPS
Florentino Lopez Martinez, ILPS Regional Vice Chair for Latin America

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