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A Call on the Honorable Members of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine and its Worldwide Partners to Contribute to Activities of the (September 22-29) Intifada Week


In recognition of the struggle of the Palestinian people, besides highlighting their incessant sacrifices and steadfastness in defending their just cause by all means, including the ongoing Intifadas (uprisings) since 1987 to the present, the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine commemorates the Intifada Week every year, between September 22, the anniversary of the 2015 Al-Quds Intifada, and September 28, the 2000 Al-Aqsa Intifada.

Given your active role in solidarity with the Palestinian people, we look forward to your contributing with us to marking the Intifada Week September 22-29, under the slogan of The Intifada is Life.

This is done through carrying out activities centered on the concept of Intifada and the role of the various uprisings in the Palestinian struggle. For example:

  1. Holding art exhibitions, intellectual and dialogue meetings, lectures and workshops.
  2. Solidarity marches, gatherings and sit-ins.
  3. Campaigns on social networking sites.
    Or other activities that fit the nature of your work and the circumstances in which you are active.

The Global Campaign will provide you with the following technical and media materials:

  1. The logo of the occasion.
  2. Art Exhibitions: The History of the Intifada Exhibition, Intifada Tools Exhibition, The Symbols of the Intifada Exhibition.
  3. Posters and paintings (printable and for internet).
  4. Short videos and flashes related to the event.

The campaign will, moreover, publicize your activity on this occasion through its various media sites and provide appropriate coverage.

We look forward to your active participation, as has always been the case, kindly provide us with suggestions and ideas that you consider appropriate for this activity.

Best Regards
Global Campaign to Return to Palestine


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