Our comrade Guy Marius Sagna is free!

Finally, the Senegalese government bowed down to strong national and international pressure and set Comrade Guy Marius Sagna free on the night of August 16.

Probably after being given orders by the Prosecutor, the Judge who was handling Guy’s case set a hearing on August 14. He was assisted by his lawyers. After long hours of hearing, the lawyers introduced a request asking that he be set free without delay.

The request was granted in late afternoon of August 16. Our comrade was released at night, to avoid a welcoming committee in front of the prison!

The charges against him, however, have not been dropped. The Judge said that he set him free pending trial. But we think it is just a face-saving position and there will be no trial at all.

Anyway, this a major victory against authoritarian rule, even incipient dictatorship.

The campaign for the freedom of Guy Marius Sagna got  a new momentum when the Office of the Chairperson of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) issued a statement on August 6 calling for his immediate and unconditional release. The strong wording of the statement and the threat to organize a Global Day of Action on August 30 added the pressure on the government. A petition was also circulated to collect individual signatures to support the campaign.

On behalf of ILPS-Senegal and all the groups that campaigned for Guy’s freedom, I thank all ILPS comrades and others who signed to support the freedom of our comrade.

The struggle continues!
Long live international solidarity!
Long live peoples’ struggles against capitalism and imperialism!

Demba Moussa Dembele
ILPS Vice-Chair for Africa and West Asia

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