SAVE THE DATE: The Peoples’ Global Conference against IMF-WBG, Oct. 12-14

The IMF-WBG Annual Meetings (AM), the largest gathering of Central Bank governors and Finance Ministers, will be held in Bali, Indonesia from October 8 to 14, 2018. Under the theme of “Maximizing Finance for Development” (MFD), this year’s meeting would center on mobilizing private finance and engaging big business to invest in lucrative infrastructure projects especially in underdeveloped countries.

On the same week, from October 12 to 14, people’s movements, non-government and civil society organizations would be holding the Peoples’ Global Conference Against IMF-WB.

The Peoples’ Global Conference against IMF-WBG is an independent initiative of peoples’ movements and civil society to register their resistance against IMF-WBG’s corporatization of development and to assert peoples’ right in defining and charting their own path towards a democratic, just, and equitable future.

This event will discuss the political economic contexts of the world today that shape IMF-WBG role as an economic governance tool used by imperialist states and their governments. It will look into the experiences of peoples’ movements from various countries in struggling against IMF-WBG’s policies and put forward strategies for resistance and alternative models and practices drawn from the concrete experiences of grassroots communities.

To know more about the details of the event, and to REGISTER please click the link below:

Ivan Phell Enrile
People Over Profit
3/F 114 Ibon Center
Timog Avenue, Quezon City
1104 Philippines
+63 2 927 7060 to 61


NOTE from PCFS Secretariat:

Registration and participation are free. However, participants are responsible for covering their own travel, accommodation, visa, and per diem costs. 

For queries, kindly contact –
For you to enter Bali and participate in the Peoples Global Conference (PGC), you also need to also register in the IMF-WB Civil Society Policy Forum (CSPF). The deadline for CSPF registration is September 7, 2018.
Authorities in Bali will be strict in allowing visitors. Only people who have IMF-WB Annual Meeting CSPF confirmed registration are allowed to enter Bali during this period.

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