Filipino youth stand in solidarity with Palestine

The League of Filipino Students denounces the actions of Israel in its violent killings of innocent Palestinians protesting along the Gaza border, as well as the imperialist US’ support of Israel’s murderous actions against Palestinians. Zionist Israel proved itself nothing more but a terrorist nation for promoting violence and inciting chaos which have led to the killings of innocent civilians fighting for their right to land, life, and independence.

ILPS statement of solidarity for a sovereign Kanaky-New Caledonia

France annexed this Melanesian island chain in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean in 1853 and turned it into a penal colony starting in 1864. French convicts were shipped to New Caledonia including thousands of communards after the defeat of the Paris Commune in 1871, among them Louise Michel who later on worked with the indigenous Kanak people to fight for liberation from French colonial rule even after the communards were granted general amnesty in 1879.