3rd Anti-imperialist and Revolutionary Days, Buenos Aires

Dear colleagues:

We want to invite you to our next event to be held in Argentina, in the city of Buenos Aires. This is the third edition of the JAR (Anti-imperialist and Revolutionary Days) to be held between 8, 9 and 10 December this year.

The 3rd JARs will be held in the framework of the week of repudiation actions against the holding of the WTO ministerial meeting sponsored by the reactionary government of Mauricio Macri, the leaders of the right regional and that will also have the presence of the foreign ministers of the main imperialist countries. In the afternoon of December 10, a unitary march of the “Confluencia GET OUT OMC” – which we integrate as the Argentine Chapter of ILPS Y JAR – will be held in repudiation at the beginning of the WTO meeting.

In the context of the current crisis of imperialism and the intensification of tendencies both for inter-imperialist war and for rebellion and popular war, the vision and intervention of revolutionary anti-imperialism is of vital importance for the plans of the revolution in our countries.

Our main aim is to develop ties with revolutionary anti-imperialist sectors in order to analyze, test and implement common policies aimed at intervention against imperialism and large companies, and to draw a line of debate and action in opposition to the conciliation of classes or in the case of our impoverished countries-a “re-negotiation of dependence,” tactics that have been shown to be harmful and insufficient for the interests of workers and the people.

Our meeting intends to enter, even with differences or criticisms, with all sectors that are in struggle and add them to the common organization-action against imperialism, corporations, monopolies and governments that serve them.

The 3rd JAR will have the following topics and tables planned:

  • Crisis of Imperialism: The Trump Era and the possibility of inter-imperialist war.
  • Latin America: imperialism and reaction go for more; The answer is the rebellion of the peoples.
  • Special table: VENEZUELA RESISTS, the hour of the revolutionary turn.
  • Palestine, strategies of resistance to Zionism / BDS.
  • Human rights, repression of struggles, persecution and political prisoners.
  • Health and Environment: health of the people, food sovereignty, fight against corporations.
  • One hundred years of the Russian revolution: legacy and validity of the Soviet experience.

The activities will take place in spaces of the UBA (National University of Buenos Aires) and trade union organizations.

We look forward to welcoming you and your presence.

Proletarians and peoples of the world, unite!

(Members of the Argentine Chapter of the ILPS
International League of Peoples’ Struggle)
– General coordinators of the JAR-

  • For accreditations and information jardeargentina@gmail.com
  • www.facebook.com/JARdeAgentina/
  • https://fueraomc.org/

Video of the CLATE (Latin American and Caribbean Coordinator of State Workers)

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