“International Solidarity to Strengthening the 5th Years of Struggle of Indonesian Workers of PDK Demands the rights and Acountability of Government and Corporation”

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Global Campaign for 5th Years of Struggle of PDK Workers (July 2012 – 2017)

International Solidarity to Strengthening the 5th Years of Struggle of Indonesian Workers of PDK Demands the rights and Acountability of Government and Corporation”

Jakarta, July 12, 2017. Unilateral dismissal of 1,300 workers, mostly women, and union busting by PT Panarub Dwikarya (PDK) was the oppression of labor rights in Indonesia. The Government of Indonesia didn’t make efforts to protect labor rights and ensure corporate accountability in solving this problem.

GSBI, FPR, and ILPS Indonesia initiated a global campaign to support the five years of PDK workers’ struggle. The global campaign is held on 12 to 18 July 2017 to strengthen pressure from labor organizations, other civil society organizations, and the wider community to ensure the responsibility of all parties (ILO, Government, PT PDK and PT Panarub Industry, ADIDAS and Mizuno) for immediate solve the problems of PDK workers. The campaign is also expected to strengthen international solidarity for the struggle of workers in Indonesia and the rest of the world against the deprivation of labor rights by the monopoly capitalist corporations.

The campaign involves a network of national and international organizations through several activities, such as: a joint pressure letter to the Indonesian government and companies, campaigns through mass media and social media, delivering of solidarity message, and simultaneous mass mobilization on July 18, 2017. Mass mobilization will take place at Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, Embassy of Indonesia, Embassy of Germany and Japan as representations of Adidas and Mizuno brand, or in representative offices of Adidas and Mizuno in various countries, as well as at the center of public activity.

By the 5 years of PDK workers’ struggle, we learned well that in the midst of the global crisis, monopoly capitalist corporations are more intensifying production and profit targets through exploitation and oppression of labor; multiplier workload, unilateral dismissal, unfair wages, poor working conditions, union busting, violence, intimidation and terror using military and police forces. The government actually protects the interests of corporations as an implementation of neoliberal globalization policies. The working clas in various countries has suffered similar oppression because of the greed of international monopoly capitalist corporations. The ILO as the UN body also has no power to ensure that their recommendations are implemented, as they are also under imperialist dictation.

In July 2012, the workers of PT. Panarub Dwikarya in Tangerang (PT Panarub Industry Group), shoe manufacturer of Adidas and Mizuno, unilaterally dismissed. This is the unilateral decision of the company in response to the effort of the workers in formed independent unions and strikes to demand wage increases and better working conditions. The PDK workers had previously worked with a system that only required them to do single piece of work has been upgraded to two or three types of work, while their wages did not increase. PT PDK doubled the workload for workers to increase production and profits targets, but deprived workers’ rights.

Workers of PDK suffered many economic and political losses; unpaid wages and severance, it is difficult to get a new job because of Blacklist by its parent company (PT Panarub Industry). They also experienced intimidation, terror and other forms of violence held directly by PT. PDK. This action aims to busting the union and dampen the wave of labor resistance by using police, military and hired thugs.

There were various efforts have been made by PDK workers with direct support from the Indonesian Trade Union Association (GSBI); Mass action at the Embassy of Japan and Adidas office, reported to Manpower Office of Tangerang City, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Women and Children, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives Commission IX, and reported the case to the UN International Labor Organization (ILO).

The ILO Expert Committee has issued recommendations no. 589 which confirms the government and corporations to immediately settle the case and pay the right of PDK workers. The Government of Indonesia reported to the ILO Expert Committee that all recommendations were undertaken. In fact, the recommendation is not implemented and the case has not been resolved.

Therefore, this global campaign fully supports the struggle of PDK workers and demands:

  1. The Government of Indonesia should to immediately implement all recommendations of the ILO Committee of Experts No.589 and ensure the responsibility of all companies (PT PDK-Panarub Industry, ADIDAS and MIZUNO) to fulfill the rights of PDK workers.

  1. PT. PDK-Panarub Industry, ADIDAS and MIZUNO should to immediately responsible for the rights of PDK workers

  2. Justice for Indonesian PDK Workers

  3. Immediately resolve the PDK case and fulfill all the rights of PDK workers

  1. Stop violence, intimidation, terror for PDK workers, and all workers in Indonesia

  2. Respect freedom of association and stop union busting.

The campaign also called on all the people to strengthen international solidarity for the struggle of the wokers in Indonesia and around the world against oppression and exploitation of imperialism throughout the country.

Punch Adidaz and Miuno! Justice for PDK Workers!

Long live workers struggle! Long live international solidarity!

Rudi HB Daman

Chairperson of GSBI/ILPS Chapter Indonesia

Cp: 0812 1317 2878

Note: From 12 to 18 July 2017, the wider community can participate through campaigns on social media (fb, twitter, instagram, etc.) by disseminating this press release, creating posters / flyers containing campaign demands points, creating solidarity messages in the form of photographs or

Short video. Publication can use hastag: #PunchMIZUNO-ADIDAS #ImplementILOrecommendation #JusticeforPDKworkers

Mention in twitter: @GSBIPusat @adidasoriginals @adidasindonesia @MIZUNO_FTB_jp @jokowi @hanifdhakiri @KemnakerRI @dedeyusuf_1

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