Guideline of Global Campaign for 5th Years Struggle of PDK Workers

Guideline of Global Campaign for 5th Years Struggle of PDK Workers

International Solidarity for 5th Years Struggle of Indonesian PDK Workers Demands the Rights and

Accountability of Government and Corporation”

Brief background

On July 12, 2017, exactly 5 (five) years of struggle of the workers of PT. Panarub Dwikarya (PDK) against unilateral dismissal and union busting by the company. The unilateral dismissal was experienced by 1,300 workers of PT. PDK (the shoe producers of Adidas and Mizuno) due to establishing independent trade unions and taking action in February 2012. This step was done by PDK workers due to poor working conditions and wage policies. The PDK workers had previously worked with a system that only required them to do one type of work has been upgraded to two or three types of work, while their wages did not increase.

After five years of struggle, the rights of PDK workers have not been met. PDK workers are not only deprived of their economic rights such as, not getting wages and severance pay, it is difficult to get a new job due to the Blacklist by its parent company (PT Panarub Industry). In addition, their democratic rights are also violated by the company through terror, intimidation, and violance in every action, perpetrated by police and hired thugs.

The government should be responsible for protecting and resolving the case of unilateral dismissal cases against 1,300 PDK workers, but instead the Indonesian government both at the central and in region of Tangerang City made no significant effort to ensure the company (PT Panarub Industry) to be responsible and fulfill the rights of the PDK workers.

In fact, the recommendation of Expert Committee of the International Labor Organization (ILO) with the case no. 3124 (Indonesia) that explicitly state that the Indonesian government is fully responsible for cases experienced by PDK workers, to date none have been implemented. The Indonesian government’s lied before the members of the ILO Committee of Experts who reported that the recommendations of the ILO Committee have been fully implemented.

Coinciding with the 5 years of struggle of PDK workers (July 12, 2012 – July 12, 2017), the Central Board of Gabungan Serikat Buruh Indonesia (GSBI) has called for support to organizations and networks both nationally and internationally to jointly engage in global campaign to support the 5 years of PDK workers’ struggle, pressure and ensure the accountability of the parties such as, Indonesian government, PT. Panarub Industry (parent company of PDK), Adidas and Mizuno as buyers of PDK.

The expected achievement of this global campaign is greater pressure on the Indonesian government, buyers (Adidas and Mizuno) and PT. Panarub Industry, to be responsible for the fulfillment of the rights of PDK workers and to implement the entire recommendations of the ILO’s expert committee on the case of PDK workers. In addition, this campaign is also expected to contribute to strengthening international solidarity for the struggle of PDK workers, Indonesian workers, and workers around the world against corporations of monopoly capitalists.

This guideline is made to make easier for organizations and network to be able to understand the technical matters needed for global action on 12 to 18 July 2017.

General target:

Strengthening of international solidarity to support the struggle of workers in Indonesia and around the world against the exploitation and oppression of labor rights by the corporations of monopoly capitalist in various countries.

Specific target:

  1. The increase of national and international support for the struggle of PDK workers, and workers in Indonesia in general to demands of the rights of workers who have been grabbed by the corporation.

  1. The strengthening of pressure by labor organizations, other civil society organizations, and the wider community both national and global levels to ensure the accountability of all parties (ILO, Government, PT PDK and PT Panarub Industry, ADIDAS and Mizuno) to resolve the case of PDK workers based on ILO recommendations.


The campaign will be held by July 12 until July 18, 2017. The organizations and international networks that have a 10-hour time difference from Indonesia can make time adjustments.

Organization in charge of the global campaign

Central Board of Gabungan serikat Buruh Indonesia (GSBI); email:


International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) chapter Indonesia; email: cc:

Front Perjuangan Rakyat (FPR); email: blog:

Campaign activities:

Several activities during this global campaigns by 12 to 18 July 2017 are as follows:

  1. Dissemination of press releases, joint letters to pressure on the Indonesian government and companies, posters / flyers, photo messages of solidarity through official media organizations, social media, and mass media (print, electronic, and online).

  1. Producing and disseminating short videos for support to 5 years of PDK workers struggle.

  1. Concurrent mass action globally on July 18, 2017.

  2. Different forms of other creative campaigns can be designed by organizations and networks to adjust their conditions and capacities.





Target in delivering actions:

  1. Campaign through media:

Media campaigns aim to mobilize local, national and global support and response at the local, national and global levels by maximizing the dissemination of information and leveraging support through media official organizations, social media (fb, twitter, instagram, etc.) and mass media (print, electronic and online).

  1. Joint Letter for pressure and support:

The joint letter for pressure and support for the struggle of PDK workers will be delivered to: The Government of Indonesia (President and Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, Commission IX of House of Representative of Indonesia), PT Panarub Industry and Panarub Dwikarya, ADIDAS and MIZUNO.

(List and address of post mail attached)

  1. Mass Mobilization

Mass mobilization as a global action conducted simultaneously on July 18 can be done in places or locations as follows:

In Indonesia, global action will take place at the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of

Indonesia both at the center and the region as the main target.

In Abroad, global action can take place at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia as the main target, especially for the existing countries of the Embassy of the Republic of


Representative Office of ADIDAS and / or MIZUNO, or if there is no representative office of ADIDAS and MIZUNO, global action can take place at the German embassy and the

Embassy of Japan.

Public Square that became the center of public and media attention.


  1. Making and disseminating a solidarity message in the short video

In order to strengthen support and spirit of PDK Workers who continue to struggle for their rights, we ask network organizations and partners to provide solidarity messages on short videos (1-2 minutes) containing messages of support for the PDK workers struggle and demand the government Indonesia to take responsibility for settling cases of PDK workers, implementing ILO recommendations and paying all rights of PDK workers.

The message of solidarity in the short video is made when a global action is done, delivered through their respective languages, with the content as follows:

(Bahasa Indonesia version):

Kami dari……….memberi hormat dan salud atas konsistensi buruh PDK 5 tahun perjuangannya dalam menuntut hak-hak, dan mendesak kepada Pemerintah Indonesia/Menaker untuk segera menjalankan rekomendasi ILO….dan membayar seluruh hak buruh PDK.

Lawan Adidas dan Mizuno! Keadilan bagi Buruh PDK! Jayalah Perjuangan Buruh! Jayalah Solidaritas Internasional!

(English version):

“We are from ………. salute and high appreciation for the consistency of 5 years of PDK workers struggle in demanding rights, and urges the Government of Indonesia / Ministry of Manpower of Indonesia to immediately implement the ILO Committee recommendation…

Punch Mizuno and Adidas! Justice for PDK workers! Long live workers struggle!

Long Live International Solidarity!

  1. Together with this guideline, we include some soft copies of posters/flyer that will be used simultaneously when a global action is performed. For organizations and network partners, you can also create posters design with the language of each country and add with your current advocacy issues. The posters made contain the following demands:

#Government of Indonesia, immediately implement the ILO Recommendation!! #PT.Panarub Industry, ADIDAS & Mizuno must take responsibility to fullfil the rights of PDK workers

#Justice for PDK Workers of Indonesia

#Immediately resolve the PDK case and Pay whole rights of PDK workers #Stop Violence by Police force of Indonesia

# Respect to the Freedom of Association, Stop Union Busting

Joint Letter-Pressure to the Government

Joint Letter-Pressure to the Corporate

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