Request for Solidarity to Support the Struggle of PDK Workers (Members of GSBI)

From the Secretariat Office of the International League of People Struggle (ILPS) – Indonesian Chapter

To the Honorable Comrades:

  1. Chairperson of ICC ILPS
  2. General Secretary of  ICC ILPS
  3. Secretariat Office of ICC ILPS
  4. All Commission, Countries and Regions Chapters, and Members of ILPS

Best Regards and Solidarity,

Hopefully this email finds you all always in healthy and always eager to serve the people.

Through this letter, we intend to convey our “Request for support and solidarity for the struggle of PT. Panarub Dwikarya (PDK) workers (SBGTS-GSBI)” which is struggling to demand the settlement of unilateral termination of employment (dismissal) cases and the deprivation of rights against 1300 workers that are not resolved yet until five years nowadays.

In relation to all of the above circumstances, and with the convening of the ILO session in Geneva on the this coming 1-17th of June, GSBI together with the Alliances in Indonesia, especially Front Perjuangan Rakyat / the People Struggle Front (FPR) and the International League of People Struggle (ILPS) Indonesian Chapter organize a several campaign series to gain the broad supports and solidarities, to intensifying the struggle especially to push the Companies (Panarub, Adidas and Mizuno), Government and, International Labor Organization (ILO) that being conducting Assembly, Demanding their seriously attentions and responsibility to resolve the case of PDK workers. This several campaign activities is conducted since May to July 12, 2017.

According to this, we once again appeal for your “Support and Solidarity” to strengthen our struggle until the due diligence of this case, with the fulfillment of the demands and Rights of PDK workers which have been neglected by the Company and by the Government.

As the information of the case, we herewith attaching the:

  1. Chronological of the case,
  2. The process of the struggle being continuously carrying out and the achievement during this five-year struggle.
  3. The Draft of the Protest Letter to the Government and to the Company
  4. The List of the Address of the Institutions and Agencies to Address the Protest letter

(All documents is attached in separately files)

The actions we hope to be able to do in supporting of this struggle are:

  1. To sends Solidarity Messages to the Garment Textile and Shoes Workers Union (SBGTS-GSBI) through their national organization board (DPP. GSBI).
  2. Send a letter of pressure and insistence on responsibility and settlement of the cases of the workers with the company. The letter addressed to:
  3. Management of PT. Panarub Industry (The Holding of Panarub Industry Group)
  4. Management of Adidas in Indonesia and your each respective countries (For the Country that hasAdidas Management)
  5. Management of Mizuno Offices
  6. President of Indonesia
  7. Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia.
  8. The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR-RI), Commission-IX, on Health and Labor Concerns

** The address and Fax numbers of each instances and agencies, attached

  1. Organize a Global Action on July 12, 2017. The 5th years struggle of PDK workers
  2. Organize a protest action in front of Adidas and Mizuno Offices (For the Countries that has the Branch/Agencies Offices of those two companies)
  3. Sending and Publishing the Solidarity support letters and messages publicly through our each Social Media.


As information, here with we describe briefly the chronological of cases, the process and progress of the struggle and what has been achieved during the five years of their struggle.

A Brief Resume of PDK workers Cases

Since five years ago, July 12, 2012, the workers whom experienced the unilateral dismissal by PT. Panarub Dwikarya (PT PDK), are continues to intensify their struggle against the dismissal and to demanding the fulfillment of their rights to wages and severance that has not been paid by the company until now.

  1. PDK is one of the company that produce various types and brands of shoes and footwear in Indonesia. Among the various brands of shoes that are produced, two of them are big brands owned by monopoly capitalism (Imperialism) i.e. “Adidas and Mizuno” Brand. The number of workers whom are working in PT. Dwikarya Panarub as many as 2000 people, of which 90% of them are women. PT. PDK runs the contractual and outsourced work system and with poor working conditions.

The cases experienced by PDK workers that unresolved yet for up to five years nowadays were begin with the protests action by the workers related on poor working conditions and the actions demanding payment of unpaid labor rights, including the wages of workers that by then had not been paid yet by the Company. Subsequently, the Company made a unilateral layoff against 9 (Nine) leaders of SBGTS-GSBSI who were just hold the general forum of the workers and Declaration of the organization at the time. That is because the Management of PDK are not allowed any independent organization trade unions established inside of the factory..

The company’s policy in responding to the protests and trade union development by laid off the 9 workers leaders, gained the protests and resistances from the workers. The workers continue to protest until a five-day work strikes that involved 2000 workers (All the workers). The workers’ strike action on the fifth day can be crippled because the company represses the workers by mobilizing the security and 300 of thugs/para-military and getting support from the government by mobilizing the police and Military forces that are not reluctant and even brutally beat and forcibly disperse the masses of workers who staged the strike

Furthermore, the company issued the unilateral letter of dismissal against the 1300 workers who are involved in the strike. While the remaining 700 workers, re-hired on the condition that the workers must sign a statement containing 3 points, namely: 1). Will not be involved in any strike again, 2). Declaring that they are out from the organization (SBGTS-GSBI), 3). That they were following the strike because of forced by the chairperson of SBGTS-GSBI.

It was not stopped there, through the police and thugs that they are mobilized; the Company even continues to sweep against workers in their rented house or residence. They intimidate the workers and families that they met in order not to take the protest action again. The workers are forced to accept severance pay which is not more than in averages 1-3 Million Rupiahs without the payment of their 7 months previously wages unpaid. While for those who do not want to receive the money, forced to sign a letter of resignation, so automatically they lose their right to severance due to the layoffs experienced.

As a result of this case, the workers continuously faced several economic difficulties, at least there are 8 of the worker’s children dropped out from the school or not able to continue their education because of their parents no longer have incomes, even the workers were forced to owe to just redeem their children’s school diploma/certificate. On the other hand, some of these workers cannot find any new jobs in other factories in Tangerang, due to the company/management of PDK published the announcements and dispersed the open letters to the other companies in Tangerang especially in the shoe sector, along with the names- list and photos of the 1,300 dismissed PDK workers. These act were aimed are to Black listed those workers, so that they are not accepted to work in other companies throughout Tangerang.

Another problems is the burden of debt that must be borne by these workers, either through the person (loan shark) or through the bank, which at that time incooperation with the management of PT. PDK, where the workers while still working are made easy to apply for loans for the needs of their children education’s fees, or apply for home credits. At least two workers were expelled from their rented house and all their possessions were confiscated by the homeowners. Some of their vehicles were also forcibly taken by Leasing because they are no longer able to paid the credit installments. In addition, one of women’s worker died due to severe illness and she was not able to pay the cost of hospital and medications, due to the limited income and the termination of their Health Care Benefit (JPK) by the company since after she were unilaterally dismissed.

Five years Struggle of PDK Workers with Their Union

In responding these problems, especially in their efforts to fight against the unilateral layoffs by the company and to get their rights to wages that have not been paid, these workers are tirelessly continue to struggle until this five years nowadays.

Throughout these five years, the workers has been conducted many times of dialogue and audiences with various parties, including; Negotiations with the management company PT. PDK, meeting with representatives of Adidas office in Jakarta, conducted a correspondence with Mizuno – because Mizuno does not have a representative office in Jakarta. Subsequently reported the cases of unilateral dismissal and violence committed to them by the Police during the strike were took place. There were also conducted several time dialogue to the House of Representatives of Republic Indonesia (DPR-RI), Commission IX, on Health and Labor Concerns. At least in 11 hearing and dialogues were conducted to the National Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Manpower, Judicial Commission of Republic of Indonesia, Ombudsman of Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tangerang City Labor Office, Ministry of Women Empowerment and Children Protection.

From all of the dialogues and hearings conducted, at least eight (8) recommendations have been received by the workers. Nevertheless, the recommendation remains a recommendation; in fact it has no power for execution, for the settlement of the cases. To date, none of these recommendations has been implemented.

In addition, PDK workers are also actively engaged in protest actions to the State Palace, the Ministry of Manpower and the Brand and Buyer Office, to urge those parties to take responsibility and to immediately settle the cases faced by workers. With their umbrella organization (SBGTS-GSBI), PDK workers also routinely perform picket action every day in front of the company of PT. PDK. Since December 2013, they were also routinely conducted the weekly picket action in front of the company PT. Panarub Industry, as the holding company of PT. PDK or the Panarub Industry Group. In addition, the workers also used the momentum of Car Free Day (CFD) in every Sunday morning for the campaign and garnered support from the wider communities.

Since 2012 and until now, PDK workers have been doing the picket rally at least 170 times. Although throughout their struggle they often get poor responses, even intimidation and violence, but they remain enthusiastic and consistent and commit to continuing their struggle.

Through their organization, both from the factory chapter, Regency branches of Tangerang City and National level, they also continue to rally the broad support and solidarities for the settlement of these cases, both from the national and international networks. GSBI has also reported the case to the Secretariat of International Labor Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland. Furthermore, from the outcome of the complaint, at the end of 2016 the ILO issued four points of recommendation to the Government, which the main point was to request the Government of Indonesia to immediately conduct the independent investigations, so as to see more lightly the problems faced by PDK workers which also caused various problems for workers, both economically, politically and securely.

The four points of the recommendations of ILO are:

  1. That the government should ensure the Payment of workers’ severance whom was forcibly dismissed
  2. The government should also conduct an independent investigation into the use of military and paramilitary forces by the Company to disperse the workers during the strike.
  3. Conduct examination of the dismissals based anti-union and take action to ensure payment of the rights of PDK workers.
  4. The government provided copies of the investigation report on the alleged intimidation of Kokom Komalawati (the Chairperson of SBGTS-GSBI).

From the results of the two talks they held with the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, on January 22nd and 30, 2017, the decisions that this case should be resolved, at least within 2 months as the time proposed by the company. For two months, trade unions, Minister of Manpower, and the Management of PDK have agreed to negotiate once a week, but until now, the deal has not produced any results. The dialogues were faced deadlock between the Workers and PDK Management. The Government of Indonesian is not seriously Implement the 4 (four) recommendations of ILO, no one of the recommendations was implemented. The Government is only facilitated the audiences between the trade union and the company, then turned over the cases completion to the trade union and the company.

Though from the whole process that has been done unsuccessfully, it does not in the least discourage their spirit and commitment to continue their struggle.

According to this, we once again appeal for your “Support and Solidarity” to strengthen our struggle until the due diligence of this case, with the fulfillment of the demands and Rights of PDK workers which have been neglected by the Company and by the Government.

Thus this Solidarity Message Appeal we convey. We hope that all comrades in all over countries can address their support and solidarity message to us and the pressure to the related instances and agencies with the spirit of “the International Solidarity”.

Long Live People Struggle!

Long Live International Solidarity!

International League of People Struggle (ILPS) Indonesia
Rudi Hartono B. Daman

Contact Persons:

Harry Sandy Ame (General Secretary of ILPS Indonesia Chapter)

Emelia Yanti Siahaan (General Secretary of DPP. GSBI)
Mobile: +62813.8769.6731
Email: emelia_yanti (at) y a h o o (dot) co (dot) id
Skype: emelia (dot) yanti

Kurbana Yastika (Head of Advocacy Department of DPP. GSBI)
Mobile: +62 856 9131 2743
Email: kurbana_yastika (at) y a h o o (dot) c o m

Kokom Komalawati (Chairperson of SBGTS-GSBI PDK)
Mobile: +62812.8870.192
Email: kokomkomalawati (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m

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