Solidarity message to the people of Mexico from the Health Commission of the ILPS

A raised fist salute for the people of Mexico and the recently formed ILPS Mexico Chapter.

The Health Commission of the ILPS sends its warmest embrace to the workers, farmers, intellectuals, youth, women and health workers of Mexico who recognizes the importance of international solidarity in this fight against mounting imperialist forces.

We have waited for a long time for you, our brothers and sisters across the pacific, to finally come and link arms with us in this fight against oppression, landlessness, hunger, ignorance, social injustice and lack of health care.

Linking together under one League is correct because we all share the same experience of oppression and abuse under the neoliberalist impositions of imperialists nations led by United States of America.

As more peoples of the world unite and join us, including the abused health workers, we can make the world smaller for these imperialist forces until the day that we will finally crush them with our hammer and sickle.

Dear Mexican brothers and sisters, we are looking forward to meeting you in 2018 when we will finally seal our eternal friendship and brotherhood.

Workers of the World Unite!
Long live International Solidarity!

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