El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido! Long live the struggle of the Mexican people for national liberation and social emancipation!

Solidarity message of the ILPS Hong Kong & Macau Chapter to ILPS Mexico on the event of their founding assembly
 9 April 2017
In behalf of the organizations and mass members of all ILPS affiliates in Hong Kong and Macau, we extend our highest salutation and comradely greetings to the founding members and officers of the ILPS Mexico on your historic founding assembly.
It is with so much joy that we want to greet you all as you move towards a higher level of consolidating the movement of the Mexican people against imperialism and the local reactionaries.
Your founding assembly is very timely as it happens amidst the worsening crisis of the global capitalist system and the increasing antagonism amongst imperialist powers. It is an opportune time for the people of Mexico and the world to unite against imperialism primarily led by the Estados Unidos and to advance the peoples’ struggle for national liberation and socialism.
With the ILPS Mexico leading the people’s struggle in Mexico, we are confident that the continuing expansion and consolidation of the mass movement in your country is in the right direction and a brighter future for the Mexican people is in the horizon.
Finally, the ILPS Hong Kong & Macau together with our affiliates express our commitment to be in solidarity with you as you continue your struggle to bring the Mexican peoples’ aspiration for justice, peace and social liberation to its realization.
Long Live ILPS Mexico!
Long Live the People’s’ Struggle!
Down with US Imperialism!

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