On the 14th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq – Continue to resist imperialism under the racist and fascist Trump!

On the 14th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by the US on March 20, Commission One of the ILPS enjoins all ILPS member-organizations to continue to resist and to oppose US imperialism for continuing its wars of aggression and intervention in many parts of the world. Fourteen years after the invasion, Iraq remains mired in internal strife, civil war and the rise of terrorist groups such as ISIS US imperialism under Donald Trump promises to continue its drive for world dominance even as it carries the demagogic banner of “America First”.

As the new face of US imperialism, Trump’s racist, fascist and militarist policies, both inside and outside the US, are an extension of imperialist policies under both the Obama and Bush administrations. Trump’s overtly fascist and xenophobic approach retains the essence of the so-called Global War on Terror under the Bush and the Obama regimes.

Despite Barack Obama’s declaration of the US war in Afghanistan “coming to a responsible conclusion” in 2014, US war and militarism in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and the greater Middle East/West Asia region rage on, through combat operations as well as the funding and training of proxy armies and terror groups in order to maintain US geopolitical hegemony in the region.

Trump has issued a “travel ban” against 7 countries, namely, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia for allegedly being sources of “radical Islamic terrorism”. These are the same countries that have been at the receiving end of US intervention and aggression over the past years; from economic sanctions to drone strikes and military intervention.

Trump proposes to hike US military spending by as much as $54 billion to achieve “a larger, more capable and more lethal joint force”.  The previous US defense budget was already bigger than the combined military spending of China, Russia, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UK and India. The increase in spending indicates the US desire to maintain its global military dominance and interventionist policy.
Trump will continue the previous regimes’ imperialist intervention in the Middle East, under the guise of countering terrorism while supporting fascist regimes such as Israel. Trump has again granted the CIA authority to conduct lethal drone strikes. In his first 45 days in office, Trump has authorized around 36 drone strikes.

Despite his election rhetoric, Trump continues to support NATO and its role in Europe, while asking other member countries to increase their share of the burden of military spending.

On the Asian front, US President Trump reaffirmed his country’s commitment to Japan’s security, including free and fair trading.  Japan assured the US that the former would play a greater role in ensuring freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. The US and Japan are allied against China which both consider as their rival in the region. Trump expects Japan to share in the gargantuan military expenses of the US’ drive for hegemony.

China, an economic power now second only to the US, wants to control the South China Sea as its “core interest” China has been undertaking reclamation work on islands, reefs and shoals in the South China Sea to host its fighter planes, ships and missile systems.  It has encroached on the claims of the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. Both the US and China and trying to outdo each other in the region, resulting in the militarization of the disputed areas. The US, meanwhile, continues to threaten North Korea.

The US is using the actions of China as pretext for its own drive for regional dominance. The US maintains military bases in Japan and South Korea and plans to set up new bases and facilites in the Philippines under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement. The people are demanding an end to US militarism in the region.

The ILPS as a pole for anti-imperialist groups worldwide calls on its members to commemorate March 20 as an occasion to renew our commitment to fight US imperialism, now led by the racist and fascist Trump. We call for resistance in all forms and solidarity with all anti-imperialist groups struggling for national freedom, peace and progress for all peoples in the world.#

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