ILPS supports the DPRK and Korean people, condemns joint US-RK war games

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International League of Peoples’ Struggle

We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, hereby condemn in the strongest terms the aggressive joint military war exercises, “Key Resolve and Foal Eagle”, currently being conducted by the US and by its south Korean puppet government, using more than 15,000 US troops and 300,000 south Korean troops against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and against the entire Korean people who are resolved to realize the peaceful reunification of their Fatherland.

We firmly stand in solidarity with and vigorously support the DPRK and the Korean people in upholding and defending their national sovereignty and in seeking justice and peace. We hold US imperialism and its south Korean puppets for disturbing the situation in the Korean Peninsula by making brazen threats and provocations.

The military exercise codenamed “Ssangryong” (Double Dragon) in particular is extremely aggressive. It is a simulation of landing operations against the DPRK, involving tens of thousands of special task forces of the US Marine Corps and the south Korean puppet troops, using a huge number of landing crafts and means of attack.

The US and south Korea have publicly declared their malicious intent in carrying out the “Ssangryong” exercise. It is to train in attacking the supreme leadership and major core facilities of the DPRK with a surprise landing on the seashore of the DPRK, and in carrying out “Advance-into-Pyongyang” Operation for the purpose of system overthrow as the climax of OPlan 5015.

The Korean People’s Army Supreme Command is therefore fully justified in authorizing the General Command of the KPA to proclaim officially on March 12 that the KPA combined units deployed in the east, middle and west of the front must be alert and be ready to switch over to military maneuvers for the preemptive and retaliatory operation to strike at enemy military units involved in the “Ssangryong” exercise.

In accordance with longrunning US strategy of aggression, the premise of the US-south Korea exercise is to deliver the first strike against the DPRK and rapidly overwhelm the KPA. The DPRK and the Korean people have the right to preempt and retaliate against the intended surprise landing and undertake the necessary maneuvers to prevent it.

The KPA General Staff has solemnly stated its firm determination to mercilessly counter-attack those who in the in the first place carry out Advance-into-Pyongyang Operation. It is determined to bring the counter-attack to the US mastermind of the aggressive operation and its south Korean accomplices.

The ILPS calls on all our global regional committees, national chapters and member-organizations to carry out a campaign of information and mass protest in order to expose, condemn and oppose the aggressive joint war games of US imperialism and its south Korean puppets and hold them totally responsible for disturbing the situation in the Korean Peninsula, violating the national sovereignty of the DPRK and the Korean people, threatening the peace in the region and prejudicing the peaceful reunification of the Korean people.