ILPS Stands In Solidarity With The Lebanese People And Condemns The Barbaric Crimes Of Daesh In Beirut

Issued by the Office of the Chairperson
International Coordinating Committee
Internatiional League of Peoples’ Struggle
November 15, 2015

The world cannot speak of the terror attacks in Paris without condemning the equally heinous Nov. 12 bombing in South Beirut, also claimed by ISIS or the Daesh. The mostly Shia community, which is also home to Palestinian refugee camps, has been the target of repeated sectarian bombings since the start of the terrorist war against Syria.

The trail behind these barbaric crimes leads directly to the bloody House of Saud and its masters in Washington and on Wall Street. From the invasion and near destruction of Iraq to the proxy war against Syria, from the US-Saudi bombing campaign against Yemen to decades of US-funded Israeli terror, the US imperialist state has promoted sectarian violence in West Asia with arms and dollars.

The horrifying carnage in that oil-rich region has pumped up the profits of US oil companies and war contractors and keeps petrodollars flowing into the vaults of Wall Street banks.

The people of Lebanon have long suffered from Western-promoted terrorism at the hands of the Israeli army, the Christian fascists of the Falange and Lebanese Forces and now Saudi funded Takfiris. The terror attacks by Daesh on Beirut manifest the interest of US imperialism and Zionist Israel in the Daesh as a special weapon against the Palestinian and Arab peoples.

We in the International League of People’s Struggle stand in solidarity with the heroic Lebanese people and their Resistance in the face of US-Saudi funded terror. We stand with the people of Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Iraq. The real fight against terror is being waged not by Western invaders but by the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army and the people’s resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen and Kurdistan.

We demand that the US, France, Britain and other imperialist powers get their guns, planes, warships, and agents out of West Asia, stop arming and funding sectarian terrorists, and allow the people of that region to develop their own resources and rebuild their countries in peace and freedom. ###