Resolution on Concern 17: Rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people against discrimination, intolerance and homophobia

We, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) delegates of the 5th International Assembly of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) together with our comrades and allies, affirm our staunch anti-imperialist stand and offer our contribution to the League’s just struggle against imperialism.

The attacks on people’s basic rights intensify as imperialist powers desperately try to rescue themselves from the grip of crisis. We are being victimized by renewed and more vigorous offensive against our rights to regular jobs, decent wage, and access to basic social services, among others. Apart from these, the oppression of patriarchy continues to make us vulnerable to hate crimes, extra-judicial killings, torture and ill-treatment, sexual assault and rape, invasions of privacy, arbitrary detention, denial of employment and education opportunities, and serious discrimination in relation to the enjoyment of other human rights. Today, eighty (80) countries still criminalize consensual same-sex relations or discussion of LGBT rights, and punishments include prison sentences, flogging, and even the death penalty. It must be noted that much of the laws that criminalize LGBTs are a legacy of centuries-old Western colonization and imperialism.

Although there have been some victories within the past few years that earned some of our brothers and sisters justly deserved civil rights like job security and same-sex marriage, we know that the majority of our community still suffer from systemic forms of violence and oppression. Victories which resonated well enough that even a few reactionary governments have exerted efforts to coopt them in order to prop up their regimes and feign an image of solidarity to the struggle of the LGBT community for democratic rights.

Imperialist nations use “pinkwashing” to present themselves as democratic even as they prey upon nations that still uphold these law. In many cases, they use pinkwashing as a justification for intruding upon countries where their own legacy of violent anti- LGBT laws are maintained. They continue to coopt legitimate struggles to depoliticize and fragment movements, and to promote the neoliberal agenda by packaging it as something that is beneficial to LGBT people.

But the genuine efforts to unite and mobilize the LGBT people to expose and oppose the true enemies of the people rages on. We continue to rise up against patriarchy in all its forms. We continue to fight against all structures that continue to oppress and exploit our community and the people. With clenched fists, we continue to struggle against imperialism and all reaction.

In the pursuit of advancing the anti-imperialist struggle we reaffirm the General Resolutions of Commission 18 of the 4th International Assembly of the ILPS, these are as follow:

1. Oppose the exploitation and oppression against LGBT people and to institute and pursue measures and programs aimed towards the elimination of homophobia in all of its forms;

2. Actively pursue the LGBT struggle within an anti-imperialist framework for the eventual emancipation of the majority from the tyranny of the few. Only the dismantling of the oppressive structures will provide the condition for the LGBT people, and the majority of people, to live in a just and humane society;

3. We join forces with people who struggle for a free society, where every individual can be a productive force of society and have the right to reach for one’s full humanity regardless of one’s sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

We further resolve to ensure that the following be acted upon and fullfilled within the next three years:

1. Pursue collective study and information exchange in aid of developing a concrete and objective analysis of the specificities of the LGBT situation within an anti-imperialist framework; with an initial focus on (1) state violence, (2) effects of neoliberal policies on our community, (3) theorizing of the LGBT struggle, and (4) history of our past and present struggles;

2. Develop a structure that would coordinate the implementation of all resolutions, appointing thereof country coordinators and establishing a Commission 17 coordinating committee;

3. Build networks in solidarity with other LGBT groups and movements, and other international social movements beginning with the creation of a database of LGBT mass organizations, issuing of solidarity statements and mobilizing for solidarity actions.

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