ILPS General Declaration Approved by the 5th International Assembly

Approved by the 5th International Assembly

November 16, 2015

Metro Manila, Philippines
For a socially just world, strengthen the peoples’ solidarity and intensify the struggle against imperialist plunder, crisis and war

The global capitalist crisis persists.

The adoption of the neoliberal policy in the 1980s has brought about a series of worsening economic and financial crises that led to the crisis of 2008 and the current prolonged global depression.

Governments and the monopoly firms have carried out the policies of wage squeeze, social welfare cutbacks, corporate tax cuts, investment and trade liberalization, privatization of state assets, deregulation of social and environmental protection and denationalization of underdeveloped economies.

The combination of profit maximization and use of higher technology has relentlessly raised the organic composition of capital and has hastened the recurrence and worsening of the crisis of overproduction. It has generated one big financial bubble after another that has inevitably burst at the expense of the real economy, employment and the people.

The current crisis has shaken the very centers of the world capitalist system. Neoliberal solutions involving bailouts for the criminal banks and companies too big to fail on the one hand and austerity measures for the working people have only aggravated the crisis.

Faced with such crisis, the monopoly bourgeoisie in the imperialist countries have intensified the exploitation and plunder of the neo-colonies and dependent countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America generating even worse conditions of poverty and social conflicts.

The toiling masses of workers and peasants have suffered the most from the crisis through high unemployment, loss of social benefits, homelessness, landlessness, resource grabbing, destruction of their livelihood, poverty and hunger.

The unipolar world dominated by US imperialism after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 is in the process of falling apart. US imperialism is on a strategic decline. An alliance of countries with Russia and China at the core has emerged to challenge US global hegemony raising the level of inter-imperialist contradictions.

The US is currently the most bellicose power and is the biggest destabilizing factor in the world today. Its military industrial complex is always pushing the government to spend more for war production and wars of aggression. It is determined, together with the NATO and Zionist Israel, to weaken and bring down any regime that supports the struggle of the Palestinian people and the cause of national independence of the Arab peoples. It has been responsible for training, arming and using the Daesh and similar organizations such as Al-Qaeda to attack Syria and all the peoples of Southwest Asia and North Africa, including the Kurdish people.

The US has relentlessly pushed the expansion of the NATO to the borders of Russia. It has also instigated and assisted so-called color revolutions and has financed so-called nongovernmental “civil society” organizations to subvert Russia from within. The US is also funding a bloody war against the people of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Russia has countered by promoting a Eurasian economic bloc and strengthened its economic and security relations with China. The two countries have vowed to cooperate in realizing China´s initiatives of the new “Silk Road and Economic Belt” (SREB) and the “Maritime Silk Road” (MSR) from Chinese ports across the Indian Ocean to Africa and the Mediterranean.

The US is alarmed at the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a security alliance to counter the US-NATO alliance as well as the establishment of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) economic bloc to counter the worst economic, trade and financial impositions of the US. More worrisome for the US is the establishment of the BRICS Development Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. It regards all these as challenges to the US-controlled global financial system.

Although on the decline, US imperialism continues to have military superiority over its rivals and has become more aggressive in using such military might in securing access to strategic natural resources in the Southwest Asia and North Africa region. In order to consolidate its hegemony over the resource-rich region, the US has committed the most heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity, and wreaked havoc in such countries as Iraq, Libya and Syria and the rest of the region.

It is attacking the Arab countries and societies that assert their independence, terrorizing those who support the Palestinian resistance, and installing puppet regimes to ensure the security and superiority of Israel. US imperialism has tagged anti-imperialist leaders and groups as ‘terrorists’ in violation of the national sovereignty and rights of the people in the region. These aggressions have displaced millions of people and led to the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

US imperialism and its NATO allies are using or taking advantage of the criminal terrorist attacks against the people, such as the recent spate of bombings in Beirut and Paris, as a pretext for further aggression and intervention and to justify intensifying fascism and state terror, as they did with the 9/11 attacks.

The imperialist overstretch of the US has already put it into so many quagmires in the world.

And yet it is seeking to make a “strategic pivot” to East Asia by deploying 60 per cent of its naval assets and 50 per cent of its ground and air assets in this region. This so-called rebalancing of US military forces will practically idle them in a region where China bullies some of the Southeast Asian countries although it is not yet ready to engage in war against the US. The “strategic pivot” aggravates the US overstretch even as in other regions US aggressions continue to provoke counter-aggressions.

Under current circumstances, the proletariat and oppressed nations and peoples of the world need to struggle more resolutely, more militantly and self-reliantly than ever before within their respective national borders for greater freedom, democracy and socialism against the imperialist powers and the local reactionary forces. These forces in the US include the mass incarceration system, immigration detention centers, and the police terrorist state. This is also true in other imperialist states.

The escalating plunder and wars unleashed by the imperialist powers inflict terrible suffering on the people but at the same time incite and drive them to resist and engage in revolutionary struggles to overthrow the unjust system and establish the just system.

The revolutionary parties of the proletariat and the revolutionary mass movement of workers, peasants, indigenous people, youth, women, professionals and cultural activists keep on developing in both the industrial capitalist countries and in the underdeveloped countries.

The peoples of Latin America are determinedly fighting to defend their national sovereignty and the right to self-determination against imperialist aggression in all its forms. They are defending their social and political achievements, through their struggles. Specifically, the governments of Venezuela and Bolivia are currently confronting and resisting US imperialist offensives.

The US and other imperialist countries continue to impose their domination over semicolonies and dependent countries, denying them of the right to self-determination, degrading and depressing their economies, maintaining military bases and forcing people under neocolonial rule to serve in their military.

In some countries in Asia and the Middle East, armed resistance and revolutionary armed struggle are being waged by movements for national and social liberation against imperialism and their local reactionary puppets.

Even as the revolutionary forces and people of the world must struggle more resolutely than ever before within their respective national borders, they must build international solidarity relations and cooperation in many areas of struggle.

The imperialist powers are ultra-national and global forces of exploitation, oppression, war and occupation. It is therefore necessary to strengthen further the international workers’ movement and the anti-imperialist and democratic solidarity of the peoples of the world. It is imperative for the International League of Peoples’ Struggle to take initiative in developing these further.

1. On the cause of national liberation, democracy and social liberation against imperialism and reaction.

We must continue to issue statements and call for militant actions in solidarity with and support of oppressed and exploited peoples and nations fighting against imperialist domination, blockades, war provocations, wars of aggression, counterrevolutionary wars, occupation and state terrorism.

We must continue to expose and oppose the neo-colonial and neoliberal policies carried out by the imperialist powers and by such multilateral agencies as the IMF, World Bank and the WTO to exploit the people of the world, plunder their natural resources and degrade the environment.

We must initiate or join the mass actions initiated by other anti-imperialist and democratic formations at varying geographic scales. We must initiate and participate in conferences, seminars and forums to clarify issues of national liberation, democracy and social liberation and to arrive at common courses of action.

2. On socio-economic development and social justice.

We must conduct researches and issue publications regarding the causes and conditions of socio-economic exploitation, crisis and underdevelopment and the urgent demand for social justice. Thus we shall be well-grounded in making our advocacy of socio-economic development and social justice.

We must issue timely statements against the persistence of the imperialist powers in clinging to the neoliberal policy, in extracting super profits under all circumstances, in shifting the burden of crisis to the working people in the developed and underdeveloped countries and in finding no solution to the worsening crisis despite so many types of summits staged.

We must initiate and participate in joint publications and in conferences, seminars and forums to demand development and social justice for the oppressed and exploited peoples and nations.

3. On human rights in the civil, political, economic, social and cultural fields.

We must issue statements and undertake militant mass protests against the violations of human rights in the countries subjected to wars of aggression, counterrevolutionary wars and naked state terrorism.

We stand firm in upholding civil and political rights, which under current circumstances are being curtailed to serve the foreign monopoly firms and the local exploiting classes, to suppress the opposition and to deceive the people. The systematic and gross violations of civil and political rights are interconnected with super profit-seeking exploitation which involves the vicious violations of economic, social and cultural rights.

We demand justice and indemnification of the victims of human rights violations, including those subjected to illegal arrest and detention, torture and murder. We support the work of human rights organizations and foundations in various countries. We must continue organizing people’s tribunals against wars of aggression and human rights violations.

4. On the cause of just peace. We stand up for the cause of just peace.

We strongly oppose the long running aggressive policy of the US, its current neoconservative policy of full spectrum dominance, its overseas deployment of military bases and forces and its acts of military provocations and intervention, and its wars of aggression unleashed unilaterally or in combination with the NATO and the Zionists.

We likewise oppose imperialist support for fascist puppet regimes, instigation of counterrevolutionary wars and the training and deployment of mercenary troops. We shall thoroughly expose and condemn the duplicity of the imperialists who arm, train and support terrorist groups and then use attacks on civilians to justify further state repression, intervention and war.

We stand up for the cause of just peace by upholding the right of oppressed peoples and nations to wage revolution against their oppressors and exploiters and to engage in peace negotiations and reach agreements on just grounds for the benefit of the people.

5. On Independent trade union and workers’ and toilers’ rights and reduction of working hours at full pay against mass unemployment and decreasing wage levels.

We stand in solidarity with and support the international working class movement as well as any trade union, labor federation or labor center in the world that fights for basic democratic rights and trade union rights, better wage and living conditions, job security, and reduced working hours at full pay and against all the anti-worker presumptions and impositions under neoliberalism.

6. On agrarian reform and rights of peasants, farm workers and fisherfolk.

We call for agrarian reform and uphold the rights of peasants, farm workers and fisher folk, especially in the underdeveloped countries where feudal and semi-feudal forms of exploitation persist and coexist with modern plantations and fishing operations of foreign and big comprador corporations. We support the just struggles of the peasants, farm workers and fisher folk in all countries.

7. On the cause of women’s rights and liberation.

We affirm the significance of raising and linking the struggles of women from all over the world to fight worsening imperialist exploitation and in creating a new world order where women can live free from violence, oppression and exploitation. We reiterate the importance of strengthening an anti-imperialist women’s movement that is deeply rooted in grassroots women’s movements. We uphold the role of women in leading various movements in defending their countries, communities and movements against all forms of neoliberal and imperialist attacks.

After more than 30 years of imperialist globalization, the international women’s movement finds itself facing a greater challenge: the heightened misery of women’s lives and the erosion of the historical gains of women’s movements. The various forms and levels of anti-imperialist struggles waged by women in their respective home fronts serve as the lifeblood of a revitalized, reinvigorated international toiling women’s movement struggling for genuine emancipation.

We shall thus continue to expose and oppose imperialist ploys and machinations that seek to derail women’s struggle for liberation, support grassroots women’s struggles for land, jobs resources and rights, and strive to expand and activate the participation of women in the international anti-imperialist movement and the ILPS.

8. On the rights of the youth to education and employment.

We uphold and promote the rights of the youth to education and employment. The youth in the underdeveloped countries suffer the most hardship and frustration in seeking free and adequate education and getting jobs subsequently. Even in the developed countries, the youth are subjected to excessive school fees and onerous student loans and suffering the highest rate of unemployment.

The youth are urgently needed for reinvigorating and strengthening the anti-imperialist mass movement in the interest of the youth themselves and the entire people.

9. On Children’s rights against child labour, sexual abuse and other forms of exploitation.

We continue to advance children’s rights against child labor, sexual abuse, military attacks and other forms of exploitation.

As part of the oppressed class, children become more vulnerable to the worsening economic and social crises brought about by neoliberal dictates.

Wars of aggression and militarization, which fulfill global neoliberal interests, make children direct targets of violence that cause their displacement and death. Reactionary troops and local reactionaries continuously attack schools and communities and worse, brand children as child soldiers.

10. On the rights of indigenous peoples, oppressed nations and nationalities for self-determination against chauvinism and racism.

We recognize and respect the inherent rights of the indigenous peoples, oppressed nations and nationalities to self- determination, distinct identity, ancestral land, self-governance, cultural integrity and self-determined sustainable development.

We oppose corporate and imperialist and puppet governments incursions on, militarization of, and increasing state-backed trans-population in lands of indigenous peoples as well as any kind of forcible or deceptive imposition on them. We also demand an end to structural oppression, state-sponsored violence and police repression, discrimination, chauvinism and racism against indigenous peoples, oppressed nations and nationalities.

11. On the rights of teachers, researchers and other educational personnel.

Just as the youth have the right to education, without the encumbrances of high tuition fees, onerous student loans and lack of free public education, the teachers, researchers and other education personnel have definite rights to have better living conditions and be in a better position to provide education. They have the rights to organize themselves as a union, to demand job security and better wage and living conditions and to raise the level of their knowledge and teaching skills.

12. On the right of the people to health care and the rights of health workers.

We assert the right of the people to health care and the rights of health workers. We affirm and demand health care as a social service that the state must provide to the people under a comprehensive and progressive health system. It must be free to the working class and to the poor and oppressed classes.

13. On science and technology for the people and development, and environmental protection.

We advocate the use of science and technology for the industrial development of the underdeveloped countries and for the benefit of the people and not for superprofit making by the monopoly capitalist firms. We assert the wise use of science and technology to advance economic development and combat the wanton plunder and destruction of the environment. Economic development must be harmonized with the protection of the environment.

14. On the Arts and culture and free flow of information in the service of the people.

We promote the arts and culture that reflect the suffering, struggles and aspirations of the people for a better life in a just society. Such arts and culture must dignify the people and inspire them to achieve higher levels of social development, instead of glorifying and justifying the oppressors and exploiters. We demand the free flow of information to enlighten the people and move them to end the conditions of oppression and exploitation. We oppose the control and use of information by the oppressive state and the exploiting classes for their own narrow self-interest.

15. On the rights and welfare of homeless persons, refugees and migrant workers displaced by imperialism and local reactionaries.

We fight for the rights and welfare of displaced homeless persons, refugees and migrant workers. The imperialist powers plunder and keep countries underdeveloped and compel many of the unemployed to become migrant workers within their own countries, within global regions, in some oil producing countries and in developed countries. They support fascist regimes and state terrorism that displace people and make them political refugees.

The ILPS shall continue supporting the International Migrants Alliance (IMA) and International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR) and opposing the misleading claims of the Global Forum on Migration and Development.

16. On the rights of elderly and other differently-abled people to a life of dignity and secure existence.

We condemn the austerity measures being undertaken by imperialist and reactionary governments to raise the retirement age of workers, reduce pension payments, health care and related social benefits and privatize or eliminate the social services for the elderly and other differently-abled people.

We demand that the retirement age be lowered, that pension payments, health care and related social benefits be increased and all social services for the elderly and other differently-abled people be expanded and improved. The people should take actions against governments that do not provide adequate social services but use public funds to increase the private profit and wealth of a few and build up the military and police agencies.

17. On the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered.

In accordance with its policy of gender equality, we support the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered and queer people (LGBTQ) and oppose all kinds of discrimination and oppression against them. We support the demands of LGBTQ people in the Assembly of the ILPS.

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