Communiqué of the Meeting of the International Coordinating Committee

By ILPS Secretariat
21 February 2015, the Netherlands

The International Coordinating Committee of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ICC-ILPS) held its annual meeting from February 19 to 20 in the Netherlands.

Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Chairperson of the ILPS, presided over the meeting, assisted by Malcolm Guy, General Secretary of the ILPS.

A roll call was made and a quorum was declared.

The meeting proceeded with the Reports of the Executive Officers of the ILPS namely, the Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor.

In his report, the Chairperson stated that among the main items to be addressed by the ICC meeting are the preparations for the holding of the 5th International Assembly in the Philippines in November this year.  Among the things to be discussed and approved by the ICC are the theme of the Assembly, the program of activities, a memorandum on possible constitutional amendments, guidelines for the reports of the ICC officers, commissions and territorial organs, the workshops and related side events  and the requirements for the hosting of the Assembly.

To guide the ICC in its formulation of the theme for the International Assembly, the Chairperson discussed the important features of the current world situation and the tasks of the anti-imperialist mass movement in response to the problems and prospects growing out from the current world situation.

Among the most conspicuous features in the current situation are the continuing global crisis and the unrelenting wars of aggression being waged by the imperialists led by the US on the one hand and the growing resistance of the people through various means.  He also cited the intensifying contradictions among the imperialists with the emergence of a bloc led by Russia and China in opposition to the US-led bloc of imperialist powers.

The Chairperson referred the ICC to the compilation of internal memoranda, and the statements he issued on events and questions of global importance by way of reporting on the performance of his tasks as chief executive officer and spokesperson of the League.

The General Secretary, Malcolm Guy, made a report on the work of the General Secretariat.  He reported on the actions taken to overhaul and improve the ILPS website, reminders the General Secretariat sent out on important events and campaigns, efforts to ensure the attendance of members of the ICC to the annual ICC meeting and consultations with the organizing committee for the 5th International Assembly in November in the Philippines.

The ILPS Treasurer Theo Droog reported on the status of ILPS finances and discussed some issues related to finance. ILPS has a healthy financial situation with a positive balance. But this positive balance is mainly due to the surplus gained at the 4th International Assembly when the mass organizations paid the Assembly fees and their membership dues. It was pointed out though that between assemblies the collection of membership dues has been problematic.

A lively discussion ensued with many suggestions being put forward on how to improve the collection of the membership dues.  The General Secretary then proposed that the different suggestions be considered and acted upon by the concerned organs of the ILPS.

An issue or concern of the Treasurer regarding national laws on taxation was discussed and a clarification was made to the satisfaction of the body including the Treasurer.

The Auditor stated in her report that she went through the Treasurer’s financial report and found it to be very much in order.  In the process of studying the Treasurer’s report she had some questions but these were fully clarified by the explanations made by the Treasurer.

Next to report were the different line commissions and territorial organs of the League. The various commissions and territorial organs reported on their activities in the past year and future plans.

After the reports, the ICC discussed the preparations for the 5th International Assembly in Manila, Philippines. The date for the Assembly was fixed at 14-16 November 2015. The host of the Assembly shall be the ILPS-Philippines in coordination with the General Secretariat and the assistance of nearby ILPS chapters in Asia-Pacific.

The following theme was approved:  “For a Socially Just World, Strengthen the Peoples’ Solidarity and Intensify the Struggle Against Imperialist Plunder, Crisis and War.” 

A memorandum to member organizations on proposed amendments to the Charter if any shall be sent out.

The proposed programme for the 5th International Assembly was discussed and approved. The programme includes the keynote address by the ILPS Chairperson, reports of the executive officers, discussion and approval of the Rules of Participation, Rules of Election, election of a new set of ICC members, discussion and approval of the proposed constitutional amendments, and workshops on the 17 concerns.

An ICC member speaking on behalf of the host country committee reported on the current state of preparations and based on these the ICC made some important decisions to facilitate the preparations.

The ICC was informed of certain activities planned immediately before and after the 5th International Assembly such as the International Festival of People’s Rights and Struggle (IFPRIS), International Conference on People’s Culture, People’s Caravan Against Imperialist Globalization, and assemblies of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA) and International Women’s Alliance (IWA) among others.

The ICC was informed of the campaigns, conferences and seminars planned for the year by the different line commissions and territorial organs of ILPS.

The ICC decided on the following campaigns as central campaigns that are to be directed by the center and for which the entire organization of the ILPS is to be mobilized: on Climate Change, Global People’s Surge and Conference of Parties (COP21), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), International People’s Conference on Mining, against US military bases, Justice for Gustavo Salgado Delgado, support for the struggle of the Kurdish people, and the International People’s Tribunal.

The ICC received and approved the resolutions submitted by the commissions, country chapters, global regions and other organs of the ILPS. Attached hereto is a list of the resolutions approved by the ICC.
The next ICC meeting was set on 13 November 2015 in the Philippines.

In the meantime, the General Secretariat shall be responsible for the invitation to the Assembly to all the ILPS member-organizations and issue instructions to all commissions, territorial organs, member-organizations and delegations in accordance with this Communique.

Resolutions approved by the International Coordinating Committee:

  1. Resolution on Climate Change, Global People’s Surge and Conference of Parties (COP21)
  2. Resolution against Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)
  3. Resolution against the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
  4. Resolution on the Right to Strike
  5. Resolution against US Military Bases
  6. Resolution against NATO Expansion in the Former USSR and in Solidarity with the People’s Resistance in Donetsk and Lugansk
  7. Resolution against Islamophobia
  8. Resolution in Solidarity with the People of Palestine
  9. Resolution on Black Lives Matter
  10. Resolution in Support of the General Strike in South Korea
  11. Resolution in Support of the International Migrants Alliance Assembly
  12. Resolution in Solidarity with Irom Chanu Sharmila
  13. Resolution in Solidarity with the Boston School Bus Drivers
  14. Resolution in Support of the RESIST Fightback against Corporate Grabbers


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