Resolution on Islamophobia

Adopted by the International Coordinating Committee
20 February 2015
Utrecht, the Netherlands

Be it resolved that the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) condemns the wave of anti-Muslim hate crimes taking place around the world, especially in the United States and West Europe. These include the February 10, 2015 murder of three Muslim students, Yusor and Razan Abu Salha and Deah Barakat in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and the subsequent burning of an Islamic children’s school in Houston, Texas.

These crimes are being encouraged by the Western imperialist corporate media and governments, especially the United States of America, France, Canada and Australia, in order to justify their ongoing wars against Arab and Islamic peoples, in pursuit of oil company profits and to justify their bloated military budgets.

Arab and Islamic peoples are not the perpetrators, but the prime targets of terrorism in the world today, as witness the decades-long terrorist war by the US against the people of Iraq, the bombing of Libya, the covert war against the people of Syria, the war in Afghanistan, the arming of the racist state of Israel, and drone strikes in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. These acts of war constitute a hate crime.

We demand the immediate withdrawal of all imperialist forces from that part of the world and an end tolying, anti-Muslim and anti-Arab propaganda by politicians and news media.

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