ILPS condemns racist murder of Michael Brown, supports mass protests in Ferguson, in USA and abroad

Chairperson, International League of Peoples’ Struggle

We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle condemn in the strongest terms the racist murder of African-American Michael Brown with impunity by the police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. We are in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, the entire USA and the world who have carried out mass protests to express their outrage and demand for justice.

The condonation of the aforesaid crime by the US legal system is a manifestation of the policy of state terrorism and white supremacist racism against the African-Americans and other people of color, including the First Nation, the Hispanics and the Asian-Americans. Police officers are trained and licensed to take lethal action against even unarmed people of color on mere claims of preemption and suspicion.

Among the people of color, African-Americans have suffered the worst, since the use of slavery to carry out the primitive accumulation of capital by US capitalism for centuries, particularly in the plantation production of cotton and tobacco for domestic manufacturing and export. Today, the white terrorist state of US imperialism continues to violate the right to life and all other human rights of the African-Americans.

One out of three African-Americans is in prison. The African-Americans are being used as the main fodder for the thriving private prison industrial complex. US cops kill an African-American every 28 hours. At their whim, the cops accost the African-Americans and beat or shoot them to death. Most of the victims are young, unarmed African-Americans.

The white supremacist arrogance is a continuing factor in the oppression and exploitation of the African-Americans. But the increasing fascisation and militarization of the police make the African-Americans and other people of color most vulnerable to brutal and deadly attacks by the police on a daily basis and whenever they exercise their rights to free speech and assembly in public places.

The pretext of homeland security and combating terrorism has turned the US imperialist state and its coercive instruments more violent and more terrorist than ever before. It is a manifestation of the rapid decline and worsening crisis of US imperialism and the desperation of the white monopoly bourgeoisie and financial oligarchy in the face of the people’s growing resistance.

We are pleased with the timely protest of the ILPS-USA against the injustice done to Michael Brown and other African-Americans. We stand in solidarity with all American people of color and all white American people who are enlightened, anti-racist and anti-imperialist.

We support the entire American people in all their demands for racial and social justice. We call on all people of the world to fight for liberation and justice against all forms of oppression and exploitation unleashed by US imperialism and its accomplices.

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