Philippine solidarity action for Gaza

ILPS Philippines, BAYAN protest Israel genocide in GazaBy Intal

(Manila, 18 July 2014) Today, the Filipino mass movement organized a solidarity protest as a reaction of the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Even though the country is paralyzed after it was hit by Typhoon Glenda, we managed to gather about 200 people to protest. Represented were trade unionists, health workers (some of which have hosted Palestinian exposurists), international delegates from USA, South Korea, Cambodia and Belgium, human rights activists and religious groups.

During the short rally at Mendiola (near the Presidential Palace in Manila) the people asked the Manila government to condemn the Israeli airstrikes and currently ongoing ground attack, the killing of civilians (especially the children), and to denounce the extreme oppression of both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank by Israel.

Not only the Israeli government is targeted by these outcries against injustice: the role of the USA, solid defender of these violations of international law, was singled out by several speakers and signs held by protestors.

Click here to see photos of the protest action

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