ILPS Hong Kong-Macau protests vs. Israeli aggression on Palestine

ILPS Hong Kong-Macau

(18 July 2014) Local and migrant peoples in Hong Kong gathered today at the Admiralty Centre (where the Israeli Consulate is holding office) to protest the continuing assault and aggression by the Israeli Zionist government on Palestine.

It was a very strong show of solidarity with the Palestinian people who have remained steadfast in their resistance against the Israeli Zionist forces and their struggle for liberation and sovereignty.

The speeches were given by Ramon Bultron of ILPS, Danilo Reyes of the Asian Human Rights Commission, and Eni Lestari of the International Migrants Alliance. We have a dear local friend Joe who helped in translating the messages to the local passersby who were witnessing the action.

Below is the statement of the ILPS


Free Palestine! Zionist Israel, Out of Palestine!


What Israel is doing to Palestine is not an act of self-defense. It is terrorism.

Bombing civilian homes. Killing more than 200 Palestinians, many of them children. Injuring almost 2,000 people. Rendering tens of thousands of families homeless and virtually refugees.

This bloodlust – all in the name of self-defense? All in the name of protecting its people, whom they say have been attacked by Palestinian forces yet without giving immediate proof? They have bombed Gaza right away without providing the United Nations and the international community any substantial evidence.

ILPS HK-Macau protests Israel aggressionThe recently proposed ceasefire was drafted in Israel’s favor and without consultation with the Palestinian government. Upon Palestine’s refusal, the US-backed Israeli Zionist government led by Binyamin Netanyahu reasoned this as giving them international legitimacy to attack and started bombing the Gaza strip once again.

The US government is no innocent party in this occupation. Not only has it allowed Israel to take over massive sections of Palestine during the peace talks it orchestrated between the two countries, it has also been the major supplier of war armaments to Israel.

What we are witnessing is not war. It is the continued aggression by the Israeli Zionist forces of Palestine. It is the continued violation at an ominous scale of the human rights, dignity, patrimony and sovereignty of the Palestinian people. It is building its nation on the oppression, occupation and exploitation of another.

This is unconscionable. This is unacceptable. This is worth the condemnation of every person who believes in justice, equality and peace.

Palestine should be free from the oppression and occupation of US-backed Israel. And Israel should be punished for the many crimes it has committed against the people of Palestine.

Stop the bombings of Gaza and Palestine!
Justice for the victims of the Israeli Zionist aggression!
Stop the Israeli Zionist aggression of Palestine!
Free Palestine!

Endorsed by:


  • ILPS Australia

Hong Kong

  • Alliance of Indonesian Moslem Migrants (GAMMI)
  • Asia Pacific Students and Youth Association
  • Asian Migrants Coordinating Body
  • Asosiasi Buruh Migran Indonesia (ATKI-HK)
  • Association of Concerned Filipinos
  • Bayan Hong Kong and Macau Chapter
  • Filipino Friends
  • Filipino Migrant Workers Union
  • Filipino Migrants Association
  • Friends of Bethune House
  • Gabriela Hong Kong
  • Gabriela Hong Kong Bank
  • Hong Kong Campaign for the Advancement of Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines (HKCAHRPP)
  • IMA Hong Kong and Macau Chapter
  • Indonesian Migrant Workers Union
  • League of Indonesian Migrant Workers (LIPMI)
  • Left 21
  • Likha Filipino Migrant Cultural Organization
  • Migrante Sectoral Party HK Â Chapter
  • Overseas Nepali Workers Union
  • Pinatud A Saleng Ti Umili
  • Thai Regional Alliance
  • United Filipinos in Hong Kong
  • United Indonesians against Overcharging (PILAR)


  • Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano


  • TransAsia Sisters Association, Taiwan


  • Billy R. Leung-Jok

ILPS HK-Macau protests Israel aggression

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