RESOLUTION: On the APEC Forum in the Philippines in November 2015

Resolution to conduct nationwide education and information campaign, organizing, mobilizing and staging protest actions on the push of APEC 2015 for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

Approved by the International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
5-6 June 2014

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Whereas, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum will be chaired and hosted by the Philippines in November 2015 with 3,000-4,000 delegates from 21-member economies, 300-400 CEOs, and 300-400 members of media expected to congregate for said activity.

Whereas, the APEC is expected to tackle women and the economy, energy, food security, Small and Medium Enterprises, Science, Technology, Transportation, Oceans and Finance with several sectors among the 21-member economies.

Whereas, APEC is a gathering of economic world officials led by the US, the agenda of which is to promote purportedly free trade, among different economies, but in reality, it is to urge economies of underdeveloped countries, such as the Philippines, to remove barriers to free trade, investments, supply chain “to sustain regional inclusive growth”.

Whereas, the APEC is set in the background of the so-called “integration of the Asean economies” in 2015, thus making the Asean countries to bolt in as one economy in infrastructure, finance, trade, transportation, communication, etc.

Whereas, the Philippines is once again being touted by so-called economic experts and finance rating agencies as a “miracle” for the “former sick person of Asia” and President Aquino’s “good governance” that made possible the big number of proposals for public-private partnership especially in social services, infrastructures, communication, etc.

Whereas,in a briefing paper presented by IBON in January 2014, the research group showed that job creation has been falling steeply in each of the last three years of the Aquino administration.

Whereas, the experience of majority of sectors in Philippine society since the last APEC forum held in the Philippines in 1996 has seen the planned bidding out of public hospitals such as the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital ( the only orthopedic hospital in the country) to big major companies backed up by foreign capital, the ownership of the country’s public water utilities by foreign entities such as France which has made water, a precious source, unaffordable to the poor in this country; likewise, with Generating Companies for power, dominated by local corporations with the aid of foreign capital; the dispersal of urban poor communities to pave the way for commercial business districts to be occupied by multinational corporations and residence of foreign expatriates.

Whereas, APEC sets non-binding commitments and thus no trade agreements to be taken up, the APEC 2015 to be held in the Philippines will focus on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement which will further rip apart the remaining barriers of domestic economies and destroy the strategic assets of the countries in the region.

Therefore, it is resolved, as hereby resolved that the ILPS, through its Philippine Chapter:

  1. plan and conduct nationwide education and information on the agenda of the APEC 2015 which will include the Asean Integration in 2015 and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement,

  2. reach out to other patriotic and anti-imperialist formations in the country, especially small business groups, and participate in alliances, to fight the onerous and lopsided arrangements and agreements, and

  3. mobilize its membership in full force in staging mass protest actions against said agenda and in participating in similar protest actions, culminating in an international protest action simultaneous and parallel to the forthcoming APEC Summit in 2015.

It is likewise resolved, as it is hereby resolved that the ILPS Phil. Chapter will likewise reach out to other ILPS chapters and concerned groups abroad for a united front against the agenda of APEC 2015, Asean Integration in 2015, and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement – agreements which will affect said countries.

Proposed by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan
(BAYAN, New Patriotic Alliance)
28 May 2014

Annex A

Information on APEC

  • APEC “consists of 42% of the world’s population which covers 43% of the world’s land area and it accounts for about 55% of world GDP and about 44% of global trade.”

  • APEC was established in 1989 in response to the growing interdependence of Asia-Pacific economies and the emergence of regional trade blocs in other regions such as Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, etc. Apec “adopted the Bogor Goals that aim for free and open trade and investment in Asia-Pacific by 2010 for industrialized countries and by 2020 for developing economies.”

  • APEC “focuses on reforming domestic policies and institutions that adversely affect the operation ofmarkets and the capacity of businesses to access markets and operate efficiently.”

  • In 1996, the Philippines hosted the APEC conference, with the US praising the Philippines in glowing terms for liberalizing the latter economy.

  • Job creation in 2013 is the lowest since 2000 during the Estrada administration and is also less than half the annual average of 640,000 jobs created over the long 37-year period 1976-2013 which spanned many severe external shocks and domestic economic and political turmoil and further slid to deeper poverty and has not achieved strength for its domestic economy.

By either measure though the unemployment rate has been increasing since 2011, it is the worst unemployment rate in Asia, and among the worst in the world. Some of the latest officially reported quarterly figures from the region for instance are 0.7% (Thailand), 2.1% (Singapore), 2.8% (Korea), 3.1% (Malaysia), 3.6% (Vietnam), 4.0% (China), 4.2% (Taiwan), and 6.3% (Indonesia).”


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