ILPS Canada greets Frente Popular Revolucionario on its 4th General Congress

By ILPS Canada Chapter

Warm solidarity and anti-imperialist greetings from the Coordinating Committee of the Canadian Chapter of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle on the occasion of the Fourth General Congress of the Frente Popular Revolucionario de Mexico. We congratulate the FPR as it continues to build a united revolutionary front in the streets and fields of Mexico.

We know that the people of Mexico are rising up across the country, refusing to bear the burden of a crisis imposed by imperialism and the reactionary Mexican elite. We salute your efforts to provide leadership to the struggles of working class and exploited men and women, peasants and indigenous people in Mexico. We take strength from your struggle to widen the revolutionary united front to build a future where the needs of the majority come first, where development takes into account the future of the planet and where working women and men can live in equality and prosperity.

We in ILPS Canada are united with you in the struggle against imperialism, and in particularly against Canadian imperialism. We feel very close ties to you, our working sisters and brothers in Mexico. We share the same continent and have been negatively impacted by the so called North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA, which has practically destroyed your agricultural sector, pushing thousands of peasants off their land and forcing many to migrate. Mexican farm workers toil under difficult conditions in Canada to put food on our tables, your peoples and resources are mercilessly exploited by Canadian mining companies, and with indigenous people in Mexico and Canada facing similar obstacles to their autonomy, in both our countries they along with their allies are waging similar struggles for land, their traditional way of life, and self-determination.

For over 40 years over 20,000 seasonal agricultural workers from Mexico and the Caribbean are shipped north to Canada for a few months every year to plant and harvest our crops. It is back breaking and often dangerous work. Many of these workers have fought to build unions to defend their rights. However, there is collusion between the Canadian and Mexican governments to prevent these workers from organizing. Recently, the Mexican government and consular officials in British Colombia were found guilty by the Labour Relations Board of that province for blacklisting Mexican seasonal migrant workers suspected of being union sympathizers so they cannot return to work in Canada.

Some 70% of mining projects in Mexico are now the work of Canadian mining companies. Canada’s Office of the Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Counsellor reported that 204 of 269 foreign-owned companies in Mexico’s mining sector in 2010 were Canadian.

However, the Canadian flag with a red Maple Leaf in the middle is now dripping blood. In the Ocotlan valley of Oaxaca, since 2010 there have been four murders, several shootings, a kidnapping and numerous assaults involving opponents to the large scale mining projects in San José del Progreso controlled by Fortuna Mines of Vancouver. The Canadian embassy has been implicated in a cover up of the 2009 murder in Chiapas of local anti-mining activist Mariano Abarca near a mining concession of Calgary-based Blackfire Exploration. Just two of many examples.

We are very pleased to have the FPR as a member organization of our International League of Struggle.

We hope you will be able to form a county chapter in Mexico in the near future to better unite and coordinate your anti-imperialist struggle. We in Canada, who founded our Country Chapter in May 2011 after years of preparation and months of intense discussions and exchanges, know it is difficult to struggle out our differences and find our points of unity to join together in an anti-imperialist united front.

There have been excellent developments for the ILPS in Latin America and the Caribbean. Recently the comrades in the Dominican Republic united to form a country chapter. And work towards a country chapter is also well advanced in Guatemala. The League also has member organizations in Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador.

Of course the founding of a country Chapter is fundamentally the first step, albeit a major one, in raising the level of the anti-imperialist struggle in Mexico and beyond, and working with the over 350 mass organizations in over 40 countries around the world united in the League.

We wish you the greatest success for your Fourth Congress and in the battles and struggles to come. We are very proud that one of our members from Canada, Malcolm Guy, who is also the General Secretary of the ILPS, is able to attend your Congress in Mexico City. Be assured that we will be at your side and the side of the working people, the indigenous people, the oppressed and exploited people of Mexico in the years and decades to come.

Gloria para el cuarto Congreso Ordinario del Frente Popular Revolucionario!
Viva la lucha de las trabajadoras y trabajadores de México!
Larga vida a la solidaridad anti-imperialista internacional!
Vive el Frente Popular Revolucionario!


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