Thousands rally in Japan, demand shutdown of all nuclear plants

AWC International Secretariat

Most of the people in Japan are demanding to immediate shut down of all nuclear power stations. On around 11 March 2014, the 3rd anniversary of the Fukushima disaster that was brought about by the massive earthquake and tsunami hit East Japan reagion, a series of protests against nuclear power were or will be held in at least 175 locations all over Japan.

In Fukushima, on 8 March, more than 5,000 people joined rallies and marches in three cities. In Kyoto, around 2,500 people took to streets to oppose Japanese government’s maneuver to restart idled reactors. Also, in Yamaguchi, around 7,000 people joined an anti-nuke rally on 8 Marh, demanding to stop construction of new nuclear power station in Kaminoseki, Yamaguchi prefecture. People in Kaminoseki have fought against construction plan of the nuclear power station in their home town for over 30 years and stopped it until now.

On 9 March, in Tokyo, around 32,000 people gathered at an anti-nuke rally. Also, in Osaka, around 7,000 people marched to demand the immediate shout-down of all nuclear reactors.

On 11 March, people in metropolitan gathered at the protest camp in front of the office of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, which have promoted nuclear energy policy in Japan and nuclear exportation abroad. AWC members in Tokyo joined it. The protest camp has been kept for over 1,000 days since June 2011. On the day, the AWC Korea Committee and other progressive organization held an anti-nuke action in Seoul in solidarity with suffering Fukushima people in Japan and opposing South Korean government’s nuclear energy promoting policy. We know people in Germany and other countries held anti-nuke actions on the day.

Japan has 50 commercial-based reactors except for 4 damaged reactors in Fukushima but there are no active-operated reactors now due to its maintenance since last September 2013. It is enough proof that we can survive without nuclear energy. But the Abe administration aim to resume the operation of idled reactors.

The Fukushima crisis does not resolve even now. Most of people in Japan hope to shut down all reactors immediately. We AWC-Japan, along with broad masses, will fight against Japanese government’s maneuver for restart of reactors.

The followings are good article that tell recent situation of victims of the East Japan disaster, including the nuclear crisis in Fukushima, which happened on 11 March 2011.

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