ILPS participation in People’s Global Camp in Bali


TO: ILPS Commissions concerned, Global Region Committees, National Chapters, and Member Organizations

FROM: International Coordinating Committee

SUBJECT: ILPS participation in People’s Global Camp in Bali this December


  1. We, the ILPS, have long expressed our full support for the holding of the People’s Global Camp (PGC) being organized under the Indonesian People’s Alliance (IPA) in Bali from 3 to 6 December in order to confront the 9th Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization, which seeks to push further the neoliberal policy of imperialist plunder ang aggravate the multiple crisis. Attached hereto are information materials regarding the PGC.

    As member of the IPA International Committee, we have worked closely with the IPA since January and have extended various forms of assistance to it in preparing for and organizing the camp and we wish further to contribute to its success by issuing this memorandum.

  2. We have authorized the global regional committee for East Asia and Oceania to act on behalf of the ICC in organizing the participation of the ILPS in the PGC. The committee can rely on the capabilities and experience of the ILPS national chapters in the region, especially those in the Philippines, Australia and Hongkong and make assignments accordingly.

    Our participation in the PGC should focus on the theme of struggle against the WTO as an imperialist instrument of neoliberal economic policy and should reflect our concerns and our campaign and activities in various global regions and countries.

  3. We call on all member-organizations of the ILPS to send delegations of one or more persons to the PGC. It is important for us to ensure and demonstrate the internationalist character of the PGC and the anti-imperialist struggle against the WTO.

    We expect the ILPS national chapters and member-organizations in the developed countries to send delegations of more than one person per country. We urge you to carry out cultural and other types of activities to raise funds for your own delegations and the delegations from the underdeveloped countries.

    We also urge the ILPS national chapters and member-organizations of the underdeveloped countries to engage in cultural and other activities to raise funds for their own delegations before requesting assistance for travel costs through the General Secretariat of the ILPS.

    We authorize the General Secretariat to request LPS national chapters and member-organizations in the developed countries to extend travel assistance to those in the underdeveloped countries.

  4. We call on member-organizations of the ILPS to participate in the Global Day of Action against WTO and neoliberal trade, set for December 6th — by conducting simultaneous in-country actions and demonstrations.

We thank you for your prompt response and action.

International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle



To: Civil Society Organization/Mass Organizations/Social Movements

Subject: Invitation to Peoples Global Camp (PGC)


Dear Friends,

Indonesia takes center stage as it hosts of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Meeting (3-6 December 2013). As you know, this forum is being convened in the midst of the globaleconomic, financial, climate, energy, food and political crises confronting the world today. But the WTO will not deliver real solutions that will steer the world and the people from the multiple crises as it pushes for more of the same recipe that have brought upon the multiple crises – more liberalization, deregulation and privatization – which will result in greater impacts to the peoples and planet.

The Indonesian Peoples Alliance (IPA) invites mass organizations, civil society organizations and social movements in Indonesia and other global regions, to come to Bali and organize a broad platform of campaign against the 9th WTO Ministerial Meeting and this renewed neoliberal offensive.

IPA will organize the Peoples Global Camp (PGC) from Dec. 3-6, 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. The PGC is a venue for collective learning, analysis and action against neoliberal policies and the WTO. Unlike the exclusive, undemocratic WTO, the PGC is a hub wherein various organizations can conduct their self-organized activities and feed in into the plenary sessions wherecommon goals and aspirations on alternatives to the current failed development model will be integrated.

Therefore, the Indonesian Peoples’ Alliance (IPA) is calling on local and international people’s movements, trade unions, grassroots organizations and NGOs to unite against the renewal of the neoliberal agenda at the WTO Ministerial on December 3-6 in Bali, Indonesia. IPA invites these groups to come at the People’s Global Camp that will be organized as an alternative gathering in Bali that will run in parallel to the WTO Ministerial.

Your participation in PGC will become significant contribution to end neoliberalglobalization campaign. Do not hesitate to contact us, for inquires you mayreach us at

In solidarity,

Ahmad SH
IPA Coordinator


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