ILPS reiterates support for Syrian people, condemns intervention by US, NATO, Israel, et al.

ILPS Chairperson

We, the International League of People’s Struggle, reiterate our support for the Syrian people in upholding national sovereignty and condemn the concerted military intervention in Syria by the US, NATO, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. These brazenly violate Syrian national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Only the people of Syria have the sovereign right to determine what is their government.

We regard as totally reprehensible the repeated bombing attacks on 2 to 4 May by Israel on Syria’s International Airport, military installations in a Damascus suburb and a military supply depot and in the process killing hundreds of people. These bombings are an escalation of foreign military intervention and indicates a scheme for outright aggression by the US, NATO and their puppets.

The pro-imperialist mercenaries like those under the name of the Free Syrian Army and the Al Qaida type of fundamentalist Islamic groups have wrought havoc and destruction for more than two years. They grievously offend the people of Syria. Due to the ineffectiveness of its mercenaries, the US has practically announced the escalation of US-NATO and Israeli intervention on the false charge that Syria is using chemical weapons of destruction.

US imperialism is culpable for the already accomplished mass destruction of lives, property and social infrastructure in Syria. Through its puppets like Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, it has supplied hundreds of millions of US dollars worth of military weapons to the mercenaries in Syria. And now Israel, the principal US military subaltern in the region, is flagrantly at play on the path of aggression.

Those who stand to gain the most from the destruction of Syria are the US and Israel. The US covets the oil resources of Iran and calculates that the fall of the current Syrian government would weaken Iran drastically. Both the US and Israel benefit in economic, political and military terms from the overthrow of governments in the Middle East (like those of Iraq and Libya) that oppose US imperialism and Israeli Zionism and support the Palestinian people in their struggle for national and social liberation.

We continue to support firmly and militantly the Syrian people in their struggle to uphold and defend their national sovereignty against foreign intervention and against imperialist plunder and war. In this regard, we stand in solidarity with the people of the world in demanding that the US, NATO, Israel, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia take their hands off Syria, cease their military invention and their scheme of aggression and respect the Syrian people’s right of self-determination.



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