Asian Peasant Coalition joins Global Day of Action against Green Economy

By APC Secretariat

The members of the Asian Peasant Coalition (APC) led by the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) joined  the members of the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS), Peoples Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS), Ibon International, Rights for Sustainability, Solidaridad  and Cupula dos Povos ,in a protest on 20 June 2012, coinciding with the opening of the  Rio 20+ or the so-called Green Economy of the United Nations  (UN) Conference on Sustainable Development.

The Rio+20 conference is the follow-up to the 1992 Earth Summit also held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that promoted the concept of Sustainable Development. The Agenda 21 was the summit’s resultant action plan, which was adopted by 178 participating governments.

People’s movements and organizations across the globe  met the opening of the Rio+20 with its rejection of the Green Economy. Hundreds of thousands of people took on June 20, dubbed as “Global Day of Action on Rio+20,” with simultaneous rallies, marches and protest actions in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

The groups led by the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) called on the peoples of the world to expose the Green Economy as a desperate attempt of  capitalist countries to profit from the economic and ecological crises of its own doing.

 “The Green Economy agenda in Rio+20 will continue to and further intensify the policies of liberalization, privatization, deregulation and denationalization of underdeveloped economies. It will usher an unprecedented era of global land grabbing, food crisis, massive joblessness, environmental catastrophe and worldwide dispossession,” according to the ILPS Commission No. 6 statement.

Sylvia Mallari, KMP and APC delegate to Rio+20 stated that “ the Green Economy will exacerbate global land grabbing by foreign investors and governments elsewhere in Asia. It will attract corporations to further invest in agriculture in the guise of greening it through new technology.”

APC noted that, “there is no other option but to resist Green Economy.  Genuine sustainable development will be achieved only through social and economic justice.”

Protest in the Philippines

Joining hundreds of environmental activists in a protest  in front of the US Embassy in Manila, the KMP slams the Green Economy saying,  the  summit that follows primarily the profit-oriented corporate and financial interest would be disastrous for people and the environment. 

Wilfredo Marbella, KMP deputy secretary general, was among the speakers during the rally, said that “the summit is a huge opportunity to push for agrarian and rural-responsive policies and their implementation; various multi-level instruments that assure political and economic rights, control and access to land and resources; strong measures for the recognition and participation of women in all spheres of life. However, it is doubtful that these aspirations will be achieved within the framework of the Green Economy.

Genuine Sustainable Development

APC further stated that, “ there can be no sustainable development without a radical rethinking of the concepts of growth, without serious criticism and reversal of the destructive policies of neo-liberal globalization, and without the genuine participation of peoples and social movements.

The Rio+20 Summit must take recognizance of this, if it is to pursue its mission to save the planet earth and its people. We assert the rights to development and sovereignty over land, water, life and biodiversity!” The APC position paper on Green Economy can be downloaded at  #

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