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Letter to: government agents or people who had the support of the state to commit these crimes, that you programmed, decided and executed the orders of their chiefs, to you who were direct actors and accomplices of this heinous crime: illegal detention and disappearance of our loved ones.

You know, their only crime was their meaningful participation in the struggle for the defense of the autonomy of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala, for academic freedom and university reform, for the attention of academic demands, for research on national problems, for the promotion of artistic and cultural activities, and nationally, were tireless advocates for the Guatemalan people in their struggle for democracy and the welfare of society.

To you who do not even know him, never before his capture had spoken with them and hear their ideals, I want to speak today and say that we still have hope that you know the opportunity to make peace with yourself / a, with God and with us his family, I mean by these lines, we are waiting for you to repent, that you cannot die without having the where, how and when you ran that command you gave your superiors … to you I am addressing these lines and tell you that after 28 years after the death of Hector Alirio Interiano Ortiz and hundreds and hundreds more, we do not give up, your delataste you, you who received a salary to infiltrate the student movement and did you go through a college sancarlista more, or a more revolutionary, when your only job was to pass information and betray them and they … to you, that one day work desempeñabas photographer and took pictures when he participated in a demonstration or burial any of its peers (as) killed, you touched you write your name on the blacklist as they called the state organizations, to you that you saw on that list, to you that you were responsible for driving that vehicle in which was pushed violently … you gave yourself up, vigilabas his steps and you were in charge of capturing him and put him in great force to the vehicle and touch you comply with orders to take it to that captive, you who were in charge to interrogate, torture … to kill him, to give the coup de grace … to you that you were responsible for going to throw your body into a ravine, at a mass grave … the sea … you now to forget your performances this past you have sought refuge in a church, seeking peace and forgiveness, but you know you can not achieve without first being reconciled to us.

To all of you, we say that we the families of the disappeared, our grief is not over, forgotten reparation does not exist for us, the wound is open permanently and refuses to heal, the pain comes back every year on the anniversary of that date which marked our lives, remains in the depth of feeling.

So today I say, you cannot leave this world without telling us where they are? because ever since that day that you took interceptaste and Hector Alirio Interiano, Carlos Ernesto Cuevas Molina, Gustavo Castanon, Otto Estrada, Amilcar Farfan, Irma Hichos, etc.. etc, from that day you murdered and shot them at close range, from that day you could not sleep at night, I know that memory is in your mind … you had to go you’ll leave your body or throw in a ditch, you who acted ruthlessly when you tortured them, today I tell you, we hope for your answer … for you to speak, for you to give us a clue where to find his remains, because sooner or later the truth will be discovered, the mass graves, mass graves where our loved ones were shot… sooner or later, to show the cruelty with which you acted, those immortal bones are testimony to a past in which you participated, in which you too were a victim, in which you were the instrument of others.

Relatives of the disappeared CASE IACHR 9326

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