Message of solidarity to the World Conference for Supporting the Reunification of Korea

Chairperson, International League of Peoples’ Struggle

We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), express our warmest greetings of solidarity to the gracious Korean hosts and all delegations to the World Conference for Supporting the Reunification in Pyongyang in April 2012. This is a highly significant event inspired by the celebration of the 100 birth anniversary of the great leader President Kim Il Sung.

Together with the people and all progressive forces of the world, we the ILPS encourage and support the Korean people in their struggle to uphold and implement the reunification proposals put forward by President Kim Il Sung and the north-south joint declarations initiated by his immediate successor Kim Jong IL.

With all our might, we condemn U.S. imperialism and its agents for having caused the division of Korea into north and south by unleashing an extremely brutal war of aggression against the Korean people.  We honor the Korean people for having waged heroic revolutionary struggles, made tremendous sacrifices and won great victories against the aggression and all subsequent attempts to perpetuate the division.

We commend the Korean people for building the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as a powerful state and the Korean People’s Army as an instrument of defense, for carrying out socialist revolution and construction on a self-reliant basis, for fostering a national, scientific and pro-people culture and for making scientific and technological advances.

The Korean people have a strong basis for taking initiatives towards the reunification of Korea under the guidance of the three basic principles of national reunification put forward by Kim Il Sung in the historic high-level political talks between north and south Korea in May 1972. These are the principles of independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity.

Subsequently, the five-point policy for national reunification was put forth in June 1973: to remove military confrontation and lessen tension; to achieve multilateral collaboration and interchange; to convene a Great National Congress; to institute a north-south Federation named the Federal Republic of Koryo; and to enter the UN under that name.

The UN General Assembly in 1973 dissolved the U.S.-instigated “UN Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea” and, in 1975, adopted the DPRK’s demand for the dissolution of the UN High Command, the withdrawal of all foreign troops from south Korea and replacement of the armistice agreement with a peace treaty.

Unfortunately, U.S. Imperialism and its south Korean puppets have made threats  and provocations against the DPRK. These include recently the  relentless propaganda against the DPRK’s nuclear research program for energy generation and defense and such incidents as involving Cheonan and Yeonpyeong island. At the moment, the imperialists and their agents are vainly trying to scare the world  and  issuing threats in relation to the DPRK’s space research program and plan to make a rocket launch of a satellite. 

As the crisis of the U.S. and world capitalist system worsens, the U.S. tends to become more exploitative and aggressive. We can expect more threats and provocations because of the aggressive scheme of the U.S. to refocus its attention on the Asia-Pacific region and to escalate the deployment of its military forces here. The U.S. is openly prating that it is hell bent on encircling both China and the DRPK and generating tensions in order to justify growing U.S.  military presence in the region.

The Korean people and the DPRK have  all the right to uphold national sovereignty and independence.  They been exemplary in demonstrating that excellent preparations against war are the basis for hoping for the best, including the peaceful reunification of Korea.  Like the Korean people, the people of the world must become more vigilant  and militant against the malevolent schemes and maneuvers of U.S. imperialism and its agents.

By way of encouraging and supporting the Korean people, we the ILPS are resolved to  further develop the international united front against imperialism and reaction and to undertake the following: to disseminate information about the sacred duty and desire of the Korean people to seek the peaceful reunification of their country; to oppose every attempt of the U.S. and its puppets to harm the Korean people and perpetuate the division of Korea; and to mobilize t the people of the world to support the efforts of the Korean people to  achieve the peaceful reunification of their fatherland.


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