IACC denounces US diktat to DPRK to stop peaceful satellite launch

Manik Mukherjee, General Secretary of International Anti-imperialist Coordinating Committee (IACC) has the issued the following statement on DPRK’s plan for a satellite launch:

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The IACC strongly condemns the US stand as articulated by President Obama on DPRK’s plan for a satellite launch for peaceful purposes during the birth centenary celebration of the great leader President Comrade Kim Il Sung.

The US threat is part of a conspiracy to destabilize the socialist DPRK, and USA has no right to dictate terms and order the stopping of the launch.

In the high level negotiations with USA, DPRK has consistently clarified that a moratorium on long-range missile launch does not include satellite launch for peaceful purposes and it has always reiterated its sovereign right to indigenously develop the technology for the launch. It has even invited space experts and media persons of the world to come and observe the course of the launch and check the peaceful nature of the scientific and technological development.

The US attitude is blatantly confrontational, is bound to intensify the war tensions and vitiate the atmosphere for negotiations for peace and reunification in the Korean peninsula.

IACC appeals to all peace and freedom loving people of the world to denounce the USA’s nefarious actions and postures, and to rise up in protest demanding that USA and its ally the puppet South Korean regime give up their hosility against DPRK and enter into serious and sincere negotiations for reunification, peace and withdrawal of all foreign military forces from the Korean peninsula. 

Manik Mukherjee
General Secretary
International Anti-imperialist Coordinating Committee

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