Resolution to hold the 2nd World Peoples Youth Conference on December 2013 and calling the entire League to support

ILPS International Coordinating Committee

There is an urgent need to build a brighter future for the youth and the oppressed people of the world.

These past years have shown escalating attacks on the basic democratic rights of the peoples of the world as the crisis of Imperialism worsens. It was met with an upsurge of militant and defiant youth all over the world challenging the status quo and daring to bring about a brighter future. 

In this context, the International League of People’s Struggle Youth Commission, Commission no.8, has unanimously resolved during the Fourth International Assembly (FIA) to convene the 2nd World People’s Youth Conference on December 15-17 2013 in the Philippines. 

Through the 2nd World People’s Youth Conference, the ILPS Youth Commission aims to

  1. conduct sharing of youth and people’s struggles in different regions and support each others struggle,

  2. make bold resolutions to strengthen campaign for education, employment and better future and

  3. expand participation in commission campaigns and reach-out to other youth progressive organizations.

With this, we are calling on the whole League to support and make contributions to making this endeavor happen.

Resolution from Commission 8
Approved by the International Coordinating Committee
of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle
March 11, 2012

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