ILPS Indonesia: Against imperialist plunder, repression and war

ILPS- Indonesia
Liga Internasional Perjuangan Rakyat 

“The crisis within global capitalist system already made sustainable depression, even in par with the great depression in the 30s. The effect of the crises is given a pre condition for fascism and military aggression by imperialist countries. In Indonesia, the rises of silence facism become bolder, where the reactionary regime always answered democratic aspiration of mass movement with violence and repression. It is imperative and an urgent matter for democratic mass movement to intensify their struggle against imperialism and all reactionary regimes in various countries. Only with the struggle the way for freedom, democracy, social justice, jobs, better life and peace could be achieved” says Rudi HB Daman, Coordinator of International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS) Indonesia Chapter.

This statement is been stated in a discussion yesterday (14/10), organized by ILPS-Indonesia Chapter, as a series of activities for international campaign with grand theme Global Day of Action: Against Imperialist Plunder Repression and War. Tomorrow, 15th, October 2011 is a global call for action to protest global protracted crises caused by Imperialist-led by US.

Rudy add,”This is a very time for peoples to stand up and make global transformation, together with the force that supports democracy and anti imperialist platform. We should mobilize ourselves and peoples against imperialist plunder and repression from reactionary government, demanding to stop all forms of oppressions in order to bring a better life for the peoples.”

During the discussion, its been exposed how imperialism through neo liberal policies, they with their gluttony destroyed social and environment, conducted greedy exploration to gain super profit from their minion countries. Initiated by international financial oligarchy, the monopoly bourgeoisies are destroying working class and people’s livelihood in all countries.

The actual example is the death of Petrus Ayamiseba, a worker of PT. Freeport-Indonesia in the workers strike action, demanding wage hike and equality for a better life. Rather a wage hike, the workers strike been answered by bullets from Indonesia Police Department, this what happen on the one month strike action of workers in PT. Freeport-Indonesia, a mining company belong to US Imperialism. A similar treatment also happen to 53 workers of Nestle factory in Indonesia, that been fired when they demand for wage hike. These are the objective evidences that imperialism will do anything to save their own neck a midst a crises, all measures will be take to sustain super profit flow, including fascist action.

At the end of discussion Rudy stated that “15th October 2011, ILPS-Indonesia together with 80 countries will organize global action to highlight peoples struggle against imperialism. In Indonesia, the action will taking place at US embassy, as a symbol of Imperialism-US led domination in Indonesia. ILPS-Indonesia demand to stop war of aggression and imperialist-US led domination in various countries in the world, to stop US interference in politics, economy, cultural and military in Indonesia, to stop Indonesia natural resources robbery by Multinational Corporation.”

International League of People’s Struggle ( ILPS- Indonesia )
Liga Internasional Perjuangan Rakyat
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