Human rights in the civil, political, economic, social and cultural fields

Resolution for Commission 3

Every country has the right to determine for itself its democratic structures. Every society has the right to resolve for itself its political conflicts. Every nation has the right to benefit from its own resources and to control its forces of production. Every person has the right to be free from oppression and exploitation.

The assertion of human rights is essential in the struggle to create democratic governments. This will ensure genuine development for all and put an end to foreign domination and exploitative economic systems.

The more the ruling class exerts power, the more valid it is for the society to resist political and economic oppression. When states fail to safeguard and uphold the rights of their citizens, they destroy their own legitimacy. The people will resist the repressive policies of the state.

Resistance is an obligation of the oppressed in self-defense. In resistance, we destroy the anti-people forces and build the revolutionary, anti-imperialist and national liberation movements.

State terrorism is a political tool of domination sustained by systematic government policy to suppress acts of dissent. The violent forms of repression include imprisonment, enforced disappearances, and mass killings.

Imperialism breeds and instigates state terrorism because it preserves elite strategic and economic interests. Reactionary governments installed and supported by imperialism advance the private interests of the ruling class and their imperialist masters.

Imperialism uses humanitarian rhetoric to mask its true economic and political aggression. This practice subverts the principle of development aid, blurs the distinction between legitimate exceptions to the non-intervention principle, and broadens the stage for more dangerous and violent interventions.

The United States applied this policy when it enthusiastically supported the most notorious dictators and fascist, but “investor friendly,” regimes throughout history: Ubico’s Guatemala in 1931, Somoza’s Nicaragua in 1937, Marcos’s Philippines in 1972, Pinochet’s Chile in 1973, and that of the Brazilian generals in 1964.

Today, the US government gives military aid to train, equip, and subsidize troops and internal security forces in more than eighty countries. It conducts joint military exercises with the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, and Russia. These are not preparations for outside invasions, but often against domestic anti-capitalist insurgency.

When the Middle East and North Africa exploded in a series of revolutionary demonstrations and protests late in 2010, the imperialists with the United States acted to protect their respective economic interests.

Their uneven engagements reveals their real economic and strategic self-interests. The US is bombing Libya and helping oust the Libyan dictatorship to secure its long-term oil supplies, but is not acting in a similar way in Egpyt, Yemen or Tunisia.

We – the ILPS Commission on Human Rights in the civil, political, economic, social and cultural fields against state violence, national oppression, class exploitation and oppression, gender oppression, fascism, casteism, racism and religious bigotry – recognizing the urgent need to consolidate and ensure that this Commission is active and contribute in the ILPS mission to challenge imperialism and all reaction in an international scale, resolve to:

  1. Monitor, document and expose in the international community the gross violations of human rights resulting from the US-led ‘war on terror’ and its localized versions in the various countries.

  2. Compel the legal institutions of states to account for their human rights violations — investigate, prosecute, penalize or hold accountable the perpetrators and make indemnification, compensation, restitution and rehabilitation for the victims.

  3. Campaign for the abolition of security/”anti-terror” laws that grossly trample on fundamental rights and liberties.

  4. Sustain and intensify international campaigns to demand immediate and unconditional freedom for all political prisoners.

  5. Pursue the campaign for the de-listing of liberation groups and movements and progressive leaders like ILPS Chairperson Jose Maria Sison from the “terrorist” lists instigated or at the behest of the US government,

  6. Expose and oppose military aid from imperialist countries and their allies (e.g. USA, Australia, European Union, Canada) to countries where there is resistance to US imperialism and its puppet reactionaries (e.g. Philippines, Pakistan, Turkey).

  7. Support initiatives of lawyers to participate in resistance movements developing in many countries and encourage them and other groups in other countries to also organize, strengthening resistance to imperialists’ use of law against the people.

  8. Launch internationally-coordinated protest actions to denounce and demand an end to fascist rule, imperialist wars and plunder.

  9. Support national, regional and global struggles against fascism and militarization by projecting ILPS action alerts on outstanding cases of human rights violations.

  10. Initiate efforts in building an international network of organizations that will undertake work such as documentation, monitoring, international fact-finding missions and immediate assistance to the victims.

  11. Actively propagate the ILPS general declaration and specific calls/actions on the human rights agenda in all relevant international, sub-regional, regional, national and local campaign networks.

  12. Further develop and strengthen international cooperation and regional solidarity for the defense of people’s democratic rights

  13. Help develop legal actions and campaigns exposing corporate and state crime/human rights violations, as a method of arousing the people’s opposition to imperialism

  14. Campaign against the implementation of the US counter-insurgency programs being implemented in different countries

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