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COMMISSION 1: Cause of National Liberation, Democracy & Social Liberations

Meet Wahu Kaara. She is from Kenya. She traveled halfway across the globe from her native Kenya to the Philippines to meet with hundreds of delegates from no less than 39 countries. It is the 4th International Assembly of the International People’s Struggle (ILPS) this July 7-9 in Manila, Philippines.

Wahu is a 2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee. She ran for parliament in 2002 and 2007 and was a delegate to Kenya’s Constitutional Conference. Wahu, however, is not your ordinary parliamentarian. She is a globally renowned Kenyan educator and campaigner for social justice, serving as a director of the Kenyan Debt Relief Network, head of the East African Coalition on Economic, Social, Cultural Rights, and a coordinator at the World Social Forum held in Kenya in 2007.

Activists like Wahu will gather for the ILPS assembly not only to move ideas and things but to move peoples and nations towards a brighter future.

Multi-colored gathering

Invited to speak for the ILPS, Wahu will join other delegates from around the world to discuss the present global crisis and how the various peoples can confront it with their struggles.

The event could never have been more relevant and timely. It is not only in Africa, where Wahu came from, that momentous events are shaking the world.

Joining Wahu is Mamdou Habashi of the African and Arab Research Center. He will share the peoples’ struggles in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa where tumultuous events have led to intensified US intervention and conflagration of wars and protests.

In the ILPS workshop, Wahu will also be joined by O Ryong Il of the Korean Committee for Solidarity with the World People. He will speak on the current situation in the Korean Peninsula with regard to war provocations by the US against the DPRK, the struggle to withdraw US troops from the south and to achieve the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea.

Speakers from Europe, particularly Ireland, Greece, France, and Spain, will also discuss their struggles against anti-worker and anti-people policies in the wake of the prolonged global depression.

The ILPS gathering is truly a multi-colored event where various shades of opinion and ideas from different peoples and societies come together to forge their common struggles for liberation and to make the promise of change real.

Prayer for a bright future

Signaling the start of the ILPS assembly is the raising of annapurna or Nepalese “prayer flags,” similar to those raised by mountaineers before trekking towards the summit of Mt. Everest. Written on the flags are the people’s demands and aspirations for a brighter future, the ILPS theme for its fourth assembly.

With Wahu and her fellow ILPS delegates pealing the Peace Bell at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City, Philippines, the call rings out to “Mobilize the people to resist exploitation and oppression amidst the protracted global depression, state terrorism and wars of aggression!”

With this call, Wahu hopes to achieve a better world for all people’s and nations. The ILPS is one such venue to make her dream come true.

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