Resolution calling on ILPS Commissions to coordinate a unified ILPS campaign against displacement

Resolution proposed and approved
during the meeting of the International Coordinating Group
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
20-21 August 2010

The US-backed global “war on terror”, which includes widespread “counterinsurgency” operations targetting civilians, along with use of military force by transnational mining, oil and other such resource companies, has led to massive displacements of working people, peasants and indigenous people around the globe. These include:

  • Operation Green Hunt in India, an ongoing military and paramilitary offensive that began in November 2009 along five states in the so-called “Red Corridor”, which has displaced hundreds of thousands, mostly indigenous people;

  • Oplan Bantay Laya (Operation Freedom Watch) in the Philippines, which has just been extended for six months by the new Philippine President, has led to large population displacements in the southern and northern regions of the country;

  • military and paramilitary offensives in Colombia focusing on resource rich zones and regions where the armed resistance of the FARC is the strongest have led to the displacement of millions, including indigenous and Afro-Colombian populations;

  • the 2009 military offensive against Tamils by the Sri Lankan armed forces led to the displacement and imprisonment in government-controlled camps of civilians, and the desperate search for asylum by thousands of Tamils;

  • Israeli armed forces supported by bulldozers continue to displace thousands of Palestinians from the small territories they managed to hold on to after the massive displacement of Palestinian populations during the 1948 Naqba and subsequent Israeli military offensives.

The International Coordinating Group (ICG) calls on Commission No. 16 to take the lead to organize a comprehensive and global campaign against displacements over the next period. But since this campaign cuts across issues, the ICG also calls on Commissions Nos.3, 6, 10, and 14 to assist Commission No.16. Kindly provide a report on the campaign and plans for the 2011-1014 continuation and expansion of the campaign against displacements at the 4th International Assembly in July 2011.

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