International Coordinating Group

The International Coordinating Group (ICG), elected officers of the International Coordinating Committee

  • Chairperson – Crispin Beltran (Philippines)

  • Deputy Chairperson – Memik Horoz (Turkey)

  • First Deputy Chairperson for Internal Affairs – An Lenaerts (Belgium)

  • Second Deputy Chairperson for External Affairs – Bernardo Ranferi (Mexico)

  • General Secretary – Arman Riazi (Iran)

  • First Deputy General Secretary – Cherry Clemente (Philippines)

  • Second Deputy General Secretary – Jim Balikwisha (Congo)

  • Treasurer – Danny Claes (Belgium)

  • Auditor – Irene Fernandez (Malaysia)

  • Consultant of the League – Prof. Jose Maria Sison (Philippines)

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