By Asia-Wide Campaign - Japan

We Asia-Wide Campaign -Japan express our heartfelt solidarity to the people who join the protest action regarding the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to the Philippines on January 12-13, 2017.

As you point out, Abe’s visit to the Philippines on this time is not a mere social visit. It has imperialist ambition as its backdrop.

On September 2015, despite of larger people’s opposition, the Abe administration forcibly enacted the new security legislation. It was a historical change in Japan’s security and defense policy. It enable Japan to send the Japanese forces to battle fields overseas in the guise of exercising of the Right of Collective Self-Defense. It also push through further consolidation of the US-Japanese military alliance and development of military posture for the US-Japanese actual joint war operation.

Under the new security legislation or the War Legislation, the Abe administration sent its Self- Defense Forces (SDF) to South Sudan under the UN ‘Peace Keeping’ operation on last November 2016. It even aims at an amendment of the Japanese Constitution that stated the renouncement of wars. Such Japanese moves naturally raise military tension in the region. We, along with broader people who wish peace, are demanding the repeal of the War Legislation, and fighting against the US-Japanese military alliance and building-up of Japan’s own invasive military posture.

As recent frequent port calls of Japan’s SDF warships at the Philippines show, Japanese imperialism aims to the Philippine as a foothold for establishment or development of SDF’s expansion in the region. We oppose Japanese (and the US) governments’ intervention to the territorial disputes over the Spratly Islands and others that just raises political and military tension. We denounce that the Abe administration uses the said territorial disputes for the excuse of ambitious expansion of its military presence in the region. We clearly oppose the conclusion of the Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippines and Japan, which would serve possible stationing of Japanese SDF in the Philippines in the future.

We also condemn that Prime Minister Abe and his administration have rejected the official apology and state compensation to the victims of Japanese imperialists’ war of aggression, occupation and colonization including the former ‘comfort women ’. We support the struggle of the former ‘comfort women’ and other Asian war victims, and fight with them for realization of their demands.

Filipino people’s struggle always inspire us. We express our deep solidarity to the Filipino people’s struggle against exploitation, oppression, plunder and imperialists’ domination and intervention. People in the Philippines and Japan, along with other oppressed but struggling people in Asia and the rest of the world, shall unite and resist imperialist war drives and neoliberal policies! Let us fight for the world without imperialism, the world for the people!

Photo from AWC-Japan: "No to War Legislation!", "No to SDF Dispatch to Sudan!"

AWC Japan mobilization vs Self-Defense Forces