As amended and adopted by the 6th International Assembly

Hong Kong, June 23-26, 2019


Article I.  Carrying Out Aims and Purposes

Section 1.  The International Coordinating Committee (ICC) and other central organs, the global region committees, national chapters and member organizations shall carry out   the aims and purposes of the ILPS in accordance with their respective scope of authority and spheres of jurisdiction.

Section 2.  The said bodies shall undertake educational, organizational and campaign activities in accordance with plans of action as well as with the development of events.

Article II. Rights and Duties of Member Organizations

Section 1. The leading organ of any member organization may sponsor and recommend for membership in the ILPS any organization or formation of a mass character, which agrees with the Charter of the ILPS.

Section 2. Every member organization shall be required to provide basic information about its history, character, current status and plans of action.

Section 3. Member organizations with greater membership, resources and capabilities may be requested to make contributions above the basic level of equal obligations.

Section 4. A member organization subject to disciplinary process shall be informed of the basis and be given the opportunity to explain itself or rectify any act or omission in violation of the ILPS Charter or any of the resolutions or decisions of the pertinent ILPS bodies.

Article III. Holding of the International Assembly

Section 1. The international assembly shall be decided and announced by the ICC at least six (6) months prior to the holding of the same.

Section 2. The ICC and the International Coordinating Group (ICG) shall lead the preparations for such international assembly through the instrumentality of the General Secretariat and the host committee in the country venue. The preparations shall include the determination of the theme, the venue and dates, the program of activities, the registration of delegates, the rules of participation, the development of the commissions, the drafts of charter amendments, the introduction to the General Declaration and the resolutions.

Section 3. The member organizations and commissions shall nominate candidates to the ICC at least one (1) month before the international assembly.

Section 4.  Not more than three (3) persons from the same country shall be seated as regular members of the ICC at any given time.

Section 5. The international assembly may authorize the newly-elected ICC to carry out or complete any task of the assembly that is impeded by the time limit during such assembly.

Article IV.  Functions of the Officers of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) and International Coordinating Group (ICG)

Section 1. The Chairperson shall convene and preside over meetings of the ICC and ICG and prepare the agenda of such meetings with the assistance of the General Secretariat. He or she   shall issue internal memoranda and directives on the basis of ICC and ICG decisions and resolutions to other ICC members, lower organs and member-organizations. The Chairperson shall make public statements on the basis of the General Declaration, decisions and resolutions of the ICC and ICG as well as the recommendations of the commissions and other organs.

Section 2. The Vice Chairperson shall permanently take the place of the Chairperson due to the latter’s removal, resignation, grave illness or death. He or she may also temporarily perform the tasks of the Chairperson as the latter may delegate upon his or her discretion. The Vice Chairperson shall be given by the Chairperson or by the ICC such tasks or assignments that are appropriate, including representations and oversight duties.

Section 3. The Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs shall oversee the commissions, national chapters and global region committees, gather the information from and consult with the officers of said organs or the designated coordinators directly or through the General Secretariat, draw up recommendations and submit the same to the ICC through the ICG.

Section 4. The Vice Chairperson for External Affairs shall establish and develop relations with mass organizations, alliances, movements and personages that are independent of the ILPS in order to bring about unity, cooperation and coordination or build a broader movement or greater alliance than the ILPS.

Section 5.  The General Secretary shall head the General Secretariat as the daily administrative organ of the ILPS and shall agree with the First and Second Deputy General Secretaries on the division of functions among them, subject to the approval of the ICG and ICC.  The General Secretary shall form the staff of the secretariat, which shall be responsible for minute recording of ICC and ICG meetings, all other forms of documentation and other tasks as may be assigned by the General Secretariat.

Section 6. The Treasurer shall keep, record and administer the funds and other resources of the ILPS at the level of the ICC and make periodic and timely reports and recommendations to the ICC on the management and raising of resources at various levels and in various organs of the ILPS.

Section 8.  The Auditor shall audit the funds and other resources under the administration of the Treasurer and shall make periodic and timely reports and recommendations to the ICC on the improvement of such administration.

Article V. Commissions on Concerns

Section 1. The commissions on the seventeen (17) concerns of the ILPS shall be composed of representatives of interested member-organizations in accordance with the decisions and instructions of the ICC and ICG.  They shall report to the ICC their composition, their current decisions and activities and their plans of action or calendar of activities.

Section 2. The commissions shall have the following functions:

2.1 They shall provide studies, documents and drafts of policy statements or resolutions to the International Assembly, ICC, ICG and ICG chairperson and timely information and guidance to member-organizations of the ILPS.

  • They shall organize conferences, seminars and forums on concerns in order to raise the consciousness of ILPS member organizations, attract possible new member organizations, form new organizations or alliances or carry out campaigns on an international scale.

Section 3. Every commission shall have a coordinating secretariat of three to five persons headed by the coordinator designated by the commission, the ICC or ICG.

Article VI. Guidelines for National Chapters

Section 1. In a country where there are at least three (3) ILPS member organizations, they shall be encouraged or instructed by the ICC or ICG to hold a national assembly, attract more member organizations and form a national chapter.  Representatives of the initial member-organizations may constitute the national organizing committee to prepare such national assembly.

Section 2. The ICC and ICG shall draw lessons from the experience in forming national chapters in certain countries to provide political and organizational guidelines in forming national chapters in other countries.  They shall take into account the recommendations of the member organization concerned and the similar and dissimilar conditions of countries.

Section 3. A national chapter may draw up its own statutes, provided these are understood as national by-laws which are complementary to and consistent with the ILPS charter.  The program of action and composition of the leading organs of such national chapter may be suited to the specific conditions of the country concerned.

Section 4. The ICG or ICC may appoint a country coordinator to prepare the formation of the national organizing committee or the national chapter.

Article VII. Guidelines for Global Region Committees

Section 1.  In a global region where there are at least two (2) national chapters, they may propose to the ICC the formation of a regional organizing committee for the purpose of holding a global region assembly to form the global region committee and stimulate the formation of more national chapters in the same global region.  The ICC or ICG shall authorize the formation of the global regional organizing committee, provide the guidelines and instruct the national chapters to hold the global region assembly.

Section 2. The ICC shall draw lessons from the experience in forming global region committees in certain countries to provide political and organizational guidelines in forming similar committees in other global regions and shall take into account the recommendations of the national chapters concerned and the similar and dissimilar conditions of the global regions.

Section 3. A global region committee may compose itself in accordance with the conditions of the region.  It may draw up its own rules which are complementary to and consistent with the ILPS Charter and subject to the approval of the ICC.

Section 4. The ICG or ICC may appoint a global region coordinator to prepare for the formation of the global region organizing committee or global region committee composed of representatives of national chapters within the region.

Article VIII Listing of Eminent Persons of the League

Section 1.  In accordance with Article 8 of the Charter of the ILPS regarding Eminent Persons of the League, the commissions, global region committees and national chapters may recommend and submit annually to the ICC the names and brief resumes of at least five eminent persons and experts on any concern of the ILPS, who adhere to an anti-imperialist and democratic position and who are in solidarity with and supportive of the ILPS.

Section 2.  The aforesaid recommended eminent persons and experts shall be included in a list of the ICC for possible invitation by any organ of the ILPS as speakers, resource persons, contact persons, cooperators and consultants.   The ICC shall use the aforesaid list as basis for the listing of the Patrons of the League, taking into account the support and cooperation that they have already extended to the ILPS.

Article IX. Management of Funds and Resources

Section 1.  As a matter of equality, all member organizations shall pay a basic annual membership fee.  Member organizations with relatively greater resources shall be encouraged to make donations.  Annual membership dues and contributions from member organizations shall assure the basic existence and operation of the ILPS as a voluntary organization.

Section 2.  Various educational and cultural activities and products of member organizations shall be used to raise funds to support the work of the ILPS at every level.

Section 3.  A system shall be designed and recommended by the Treasurer to the ICC by which incomes under Section 1 and 2 above can be divided among various levels of the ILPS.

Section 4. All the territorial organs and commissions are encouraged to draw up an annual budget. They shall adopt financial policies that allow them to operate within available means and if possible achieve a surplus.

Article X. External Relations

Section 1.  At any territorial level, the ILPS may establish bilateral relations of solidarity, mutual support and cooperation with any party, organization, institution or agency, subject to the approval of the leading organ at the next higher level.

Section 2.  The International Coordinating Committee may establish relations of solidarity, mutual support and cooperation between the ILPS and international social networks of peoples or nongovernmental organizations and designate the Chairperson or any of officers to implement the decision of the ICC.

Section 3.  The ILPS may upon approval of the International Coordinating Committee establish bilateral relations or multilateral alliance with other international formations that are comprehensively anti-imperialist in character as well as with international formations in support of particular national movements and causes with anti-imperialist aims and purposes, and designate the Chairperson or any of officers to implement the decision of the ICC.

Article XI. General Provisions

Section 1. Having issued these By-Laws in order to supplement the ILPS Charter, the ICC shall have the power to amend any time such By- Laws by a simple majority vote.

Section 2. These By-Laws shall always be in harmony with the ILPS Charter and in case of any ambiguity or conflict, the latter shall prevail. #


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