ILPS calls for global actions against US-Duterte regime

World-Wide Condemnation of the US-Duterte Government of the Philippines
Office of the Chairperson
2 August 2019

The International League of Peoples Struggles (ILPS) has just emerged from its largest and most successful international assembly, the 6th International Assembly, held from the 23rd to the 26th of June 2019.

The ILPS brings from its 6th Assembly a clear and determined message to the world’s people to step up the fight against Imperialism and especially US Imperialism and step up the fight for democratic rights and socialism.

Just as clear, and a central part of that message was the very determined solidarity with the Filipino People and support for their struggles against the US/Duterte regime and its growing fascist measures and oppression against the Filipino People.

The global supporters and members of the ILPS roundly condemned the US/Duterte criminals and thugs for their fascist attacks against the Filipino people who are suffering summary execution by the authorities, no civilised and proper legal processes, brutal oppression, and thuggery.

The US/Duterte fascism, however, is not a sign of their strength and success but demonstrates their fundamental weakness. The US/Filipino ruling class is becoming more and more desperate about the threats to its system. Rather than work for the ruling class, their fascism will speed up their demise.

At the 6th ILPS International Assembly we listened to the ILPS delegates and observers from many countries on all continents express their determination to give real meaning and effectiveness to their commitment to step up solidarity with the Filipino People against the US/Duterte fascist authorities.

The magnificent struggles against oppression, the courage against all odds, the peoples culture, the huge and developing unity, the support of the indigenous peoples, the championing of the peoples’ interests by the Filipino Liberation Movement has been a huge and moving inspiration to us all, the struggling peoples of the world.

Part of the fascist programme by the US/Duterte regime in the Philippines has been the stepped up use of “red-baiting” and “anti-communism” against human rights and democratic rights workers, trade unionists, indigenous peoples, peace activists, people fighting against poverty, homelessness and unemployment and many other champions of the people, in the hope of justifying and covering up the Duterte oppression and gangsterism.

Of course, “red-baiting” and “anti-communism” is not new; it has been used by the ruling classes since the mid-1800’s or earlier, to desperately try to defend the status quo and prevent change which is advantageous to the people. As it has always done, anti-communism draws millions more into the peoples’ struggles and speeds up the doom of the dying ruling system.

We call on the various chapters of the ILPS, the various commissions of the ILPS, the member organisations of ILPS, the supporters and friends of ILPS, to send protest letters to the Duterte Government, to their own Governments demanding that they protest against the US/Duterte Government, and to send solidarity letters to the ICHRP. Where possible demonstrations at effective locations should be organised and attempts made to spread the debate about the US/Duterte regime through the mass media and people’s media. These actions should be treated with the utmost urgency given the developing situation in the Philippines.

To assist with your efforts we enclose the media statement from Filipino Rights Workers in support of the resolution tabled by Iceland and supported by many states at the recent 41st session of the United Nations Human Rights Council to comprehensively and methodically address the horrendous extrajudicial killings and the plethora of rights violations in the Philippines,

Len Cooper
International League of Peoples’ Struggle

NOTE: The 3rd General Assembly of the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP), which immediately followed the ILPS 6th International from June 27-29, 2019, also conducted its largest and most effective General Assembly in Hong Kong.

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