Land Day: Call to honour martyrs of Great Return March

Date: 15/03/2019
Subject: Land Day Commemoration

Dear brothers and sisters,
Greetings from Beirut,

This year’s Land Day (March 30, 2019) coincides with the first anniversary of the Great Return March which portrayed the most beautiful images of Palestinian popular struggle, adherence to the land, and endless sacrifices for returning to it. This was met by ultimate brutality and murderousness displayed by the Israelis, and so hundreds of Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire and thousands wounded or forever crippled on the road of return.

As we approach the anniversary of the glorious Land Day uprising, we would love to wish you all the success with your upcoming global events and activities in commemoration of this day, whether it is lectures, seminars, sit-ins, demonstrations, or other popular and cultural activities. We would also like to provide you with the our idea for a main and unified event among all members of Global Campaign to Return to Palestine and friends of Palestine starting 30 March till April 5 under the slogan
#PlantPalestine إزرع_فلسط ين

Event Details: Each member or friend of the Campaign will kindly volunteer to plant a tree named after one of the Great Return March martyrs* either in their home yard, or a garden in their neighborhood, or in a public park within the city of their residence. Each of you will take photos and film a short video of the activity using your phone or a camera and post it on social media (on your personal accounts and on this Facebook event on the following link ) using the hashtag #PlantPalestine إزرع_ فلسط ين# .

Our primary goal is to Plant trees globally that are equal to the number of the Return March Palestinian Martyrs, each named after one of them.

The Global Campaign will also provide you with a high definition photo exhibition through email if you’d like to print and display it in your events or the tree plantation event.

Looking forward to hearing back from you regarding your willingness to participate in the activity or if you have additional ideas you would like to add or suggest.

Warmest Wishes and Regards,
Public Relations – The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine

* The Global Campaign will provide each of you with the name of the martyr.

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