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Solidarity message of ILPS Hong Kong and Macau to ILPS Guatemala on their 1st Anniversary
24 January 2017

We in the ILPS Hong Kong and Macau congratulate and extend our warmest solidarity with the members and leaders of ILPS Guatemala on the occasion of your first anniversary.

We are very happy, inspired and filled with revolutionary fervor as you continue trekking the path towards just and lasting peace in your country.

The Guatemalan Peace Accords are not only a symbol of the Guatemalan people’s struggle and aspirations for just peace but a strong barometer for all people, especially those in power, to account for what they have committed to do and what they have done.

Many countries like the Philippines, Colombia and El Salvador have had previous as well as still ongoing peace negotiations as problems and root causes of the armed conflict, of poverty and unemployment, of forced migration, are being addressed and resolved. The people of Guatemala deserve no less than the resolution of these problems that many of them continue to suffer from.

Imperialism continues to wreak havoc on the nations and peoples of the world. We have seen how the far-right and reactionary have risen to power and how these have led to the intensification of racism and xenophobia, exploitation and abuse, and the further marginalization of the poor, exploited classes in our society.

But we continue to resist. You are part of a growing global people’s movement calling and fighting for just peace, pro-people development and prosperity and a world without discrimination, exploitation and imperialism. May you continue to grow in number and in strength as you strive to achieve the goals and plans that you have set for the year 2017.

We look forward to a more vibrant ILPS Guatemala in the years ahead.

Long live ILPS Guatemala!
Long live international solidarity!
The people united will never be defeated!
El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!

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