Stop US-NATO war of aggression in Libya!

By Kilusang Mayo Uno Labor Center

The Kilusang Mayo Uno labor center condemns the war of aggression being led by the US and the NATO against Libya. Under the guise of so-called “international humanitarian intervention,” the aggression is meant to advance the imperialist political and economic interests of the US, UK, France, and Italy in the largest oil-producing country in the African continent. Aside from advancing their economic interests in Libya, imperialist governments have been instigating wars to fuel a permanent war economy which allows monopoly capitalists to amass profits from war-spending and “rehabilitation” campaigns.

Contrary to the view that international media institutions have been aggressively pushing in the last few days, the Libyan masses are not rejoicing over the violent ouster campaign against Muammar Qaddafi. They are raging against US-NATO’s intervention that turned Libya into a slaughter field. Communities of civilians, hospitals and schools have been attacked.

The US and NATO have been working with monarchists and warlords who all want to gain the upper hand when Qaddafi is removed from power. The enemies of Qaddafi are portrayed as “rebels” –a propaganda move aimed at masking the aggression, and dividing the broad masses of the world especially the African and Arab masses who since the Tunisian and Egyptian revolution have come to embrace the spirit of revolt against oppressive regimes. The situation in Libya is different from that in Tunisia and Egypt. Libya is led by a leader who has been resisting imperialist governments from gaining full control of its country’s rich resources.

Imperialist intervention is portrayed in imperialist media as the solution to end the 40-year rule of Qaddafi. The truth is that 40 years ago, a monarchy was overthrown in Libya. When Qaddafi became the country’s ruler, the Libyan oil industry was nationalized. Since then, the government remains the dominant player in the country’s oil industry, even though sanctions imposed eventually led to the entry of major US and European oil companies’ exploration projects for oil and natural gas in the ‘90s.

The governments of the US, UK, France and Italy want to remove Qaddafi to reverse all the democratic changes the Libyan people have won a long time ago, which include access to free education, free health care and other socio-economic benefits. Under a new pro-imperialist regime, not only will the Libyan masses experience more poverty from which they already suffered when the country opened up to foreign companies. They will be subjected to further violence of the state, paramilitary and terrorist groups which imperialists will support as long as they help in crushing anti-imperialist dissent. These exploitative and repressive conditions are experienced by the masses of Iraq, Afghanistan and all the countries and territories where imperialists have puppet leaders.

We support the Libyan people who have been fighting the war against US-NATO and its local running dogs. The Libyan masses have the right to defend their country against imperialism. No democratic change in Libya will take place unless the people themselves fight for it.

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