Resolution to endorse and support the International Migrant Alliance

Written by ILPS TIA Workshop 16

WHEREAS, the International Migrant Alliance (IMA) held its successful founding assembly in Hongkong in June 15-16, 2008. The IMA has now become the only progressive and democratic global alliance fighing for the comprehensive social, economic and political rights of migrants and refugees in seven global regions;

WHEREAS, the IMA was born out of the determined initiative of the ILPS Study Commission #16, according to the vision of the ILPS to arouse, organize and mobilize all the progressive, anti-imperialist and democratic among migrant masses all over the world and their genuine friends and advocates;

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that the ILPS vigorously endorse and support the thrust, programs, and activities approved and adopted by the recently-concluded Founding Assembly of IMA.

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